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Tucson, Arizona 2021-06-07 13:28:47 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Mike Candrea, head coach of softball in Arizona, has announced that he will retire after 36 years of program.

Candrea, who led the Wildcats to eight national titles and participated in the Women’s College World Series 24 times, left the sport as the most winning coach in history with 1,674 wins.

“I am honored to represent the University of Arizona for 36 years,” said Candrea. “I am grateful to all the players, coaches and support staff members who have made my experience with Arizona softball forever important. When I arrived in 1985, I had a culture of excellence. We wanted to build and compete consistently at the highest level. Above all, our goal was to prepare student athletes for their post-softball life and build a lifelong relationship. “

Arizona Athletics will hold a farewell press conference on Tuesday morning at 10:30, where Candrea will speak.

“For over 40 years as head coach of Arizona Softball, Mike Candrea has established himself as one of the most iconic coaches of all sports in the history of college athletics.” His influence on is widely recognized, but his legacy lies in the lives of the thousands of Wildcats he coached. Mike’s career includes field wins, student athlete successes, and more. He embodied true excellence in all aspects of leading the softball program. He established a culture of championship within Arizona Athletics, which permeated throughout our division and I in honor and distinction. Represented our state. Mike is the epitome of countless coaches, coaches, and growing Wildcats for Life. Other Wildcats for Life.

“Over the last 36 years, coach Mike Candrea has made Arizona Softball one of the best programs in the country,” said Robert C. Robbins, President of the University of Arizona. “His legacy is unmatched. Eight national titles, over 1600 victories, and more importantly, telling me that he was a coach and mentor, which made my life better. Countless students. The leadership at the University of Arizona will be passed on to a new generation of Wildcats. It’s a really great person. “

UArizona softball head coach Mike Candrea retires after 36 years Source link UArizona softball head coach Mike Candrea retires after 36 years

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