Uber and Lyft drivers take part in all-day strike over working conditions | Uber

With hundreds of Uber Lyft Drivers joined other app-based workers across the United States and went on strike all day to protest poor working conditions and demand the right to organize.

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Workers are seeking better wages in professional law and Congressional support. Would be a bill Protect workers trying to form a union, including members of the gig economy. The bill stalled indefinitely after passing the US House of Representatives in March.

“App-based workers are fed up with exploitation from major tech companies,” said Eve Aruguete, a driver in Auckland and a member of the organizational group Rideshare Drivers United. “Misclassification is concrete and keeps us underground. Pro Act is a hand-held rock drill that breaks down that concrete element and allows app-based workers to organize it. “

The strike began midnight Wednesday, workers in California, Boston, Las Vegas, Denver and Austin rejected orders, and rallies were planned for Wednesday afternoon in many cities, including outside the Uber headquarters in San Francisco.

Uber and Lyft are on strike Record driver shortage.. Organizer and communications professor Brian Dolber said the shortage was caused by a “silent strike” as drivers refused to return to what they considered exploitative.

“This is a driver who fights back and says he’s not going to be a second-class worker,” Dolber said. “They say they can’t continue to work in the form of inequality we saw during the pandemic.”

According to a study by the University of California Santa Cruz and Jobs with Justice in San Francisco, in 2020, Uber rides fell by 80% in some areas and hundreds of thousands of drivers lost their jobs. About 37% of respondents said they lost 100% of their income, and another 19% said they lost more than 75% of their income.

However, as vaccinations increased and demand recovered, many drivers refused to resume driving, said Daniel Russell, Uber and Lyft driver and organizer of Rideshare Drivers United for the past four years. ..

“The pandemic really emphasized our vulnerability when the market was depleted,” he said. “It’s time to take action.”

A Lyft spokesman told the Guardian that as the vaccine was deployed, vehicle demand began to outpace drivers, but he has been adding more drivers in recent weeks. It declined to provide additional comments on the protest.

The strike was originally focused on California workers. Called Proposal 22 Effective in early 2021, some major technology companies have been exempted from full compliance with labor laws. Under Proposal 22, Gig companies can continue to classify workers as contractors without access to employee rights such as minimum wages, unemployment allowances, health insurance and collective bargaining.

In the months following Proposal 22 being passed, Uber and Lyft have raised rider prices and reduced the percentage of fares received by drivers, according to the organizers. Uber and Lyft didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

“They promised us flexibility, better control, and better transparency,” said driver Carlos Perayo. “But since Proposal 22 was passed, I have less control over where I drive, who to pick up, and how much I earn. Proposal 22 has given California voters so far. It was the most expensive lie I was told. “

Organizers say professional law can correct some of Prop 22’s failures, but requires more support from the Senate Democrats. If successful, it will be more difficult for gig economy companies to classify workers as independent contractors and allow Uber and Lyft drivers to bargain collectively.

Russell, who drives in the Los Angeles area, said: “Drivers need professional law because they can look out on our behalf and form unions and organizations that ensure safety and fair wages.“ We need to be able to speak. ”

Uber and Lyft drivers take part in all-day strike over working conditions | Uber

Source link Uber and Lyft drivers take part in all-day strike over working conditions | Uber

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