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Sacramento (CBS13) – Researchers at the University of California, Davis are once again at the forefront of science by creating a digital database called Spillover that tracks diseases transmitted between animals and humans.

Jonna Mazet, a professor of epidemiology and disease ecology at the University of California, Davis, said the database tracks the most dangerous diseases found in the evolving world among wildlife. She said the spillover “is of particular interest to those with the highest risk of causing epidemics and pandemics.”

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“COVID is actually the second on the list, not the first,” says Mazet.

According to Maze, the Lassa virus is in its number one location.

“Since Lassa fever is found in rodents, there are clearly plenty of opportunities for contact, especially in urban areas where the virus is in rodents,” she said.

The third on the list after COVID-19 is Ebola virus

“Ebola is a great example of a virus that has spilled and caused devastation,” Mazet said. “The host was also like a bat seed.”

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The point of spillover is to recognize the diseases as soon as possible and anticipate them.

“You can discover and prepare for almost all, if not all, viruses that can spread before the people who are actually causing the disease. That is the purpose of this watchlist. That’s what Mazet said.

According to Mazet, the study provides policymakers, agencies and governments around the world with the opportunity to better protect their communities through education.

“To understand how they interact with animals, and that they may taste to reduce risk, such as not washing their hands or touching dead animals, in the wild. Don’t disturb the animals, such a simple thing, “she said.

Maze created a spillover database, saying that it might mean the difference between freedom and the next pandemic.

“We can detect these viruses in advance and understand the risks. If we act, I think the next pandemic is inevitable,” she said. “This must be a wake-up call. I don’t want to evacuate again for more than a year.”

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Anyone can access the Spillover database. If government agencies or governments around the world discover a potential virus, you can add it to your list of threats to assess your risk.

UC Davis Database Created To Prevent Next Potential Major Pandemic – CBS Sacramento Source link UC Davis Database Created To Prevent Next Potential Major Pandemic – CBS Sacramento

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