Uefa agrees to peace agreement with most rebel super league clubs

The European Football Federation has agreed on a peace agreement with the majority of the clubs behind it Failed attempt Last month, it was a move to reaffirm its authority over some of the most powerful teams on the continent to launch a secessioned Super League.

Uefa reached a “reintegration” settlement with nine clubs on Friday night, paving the way for continued play in existing European tournaments with minimal punishment.

The club includes all six English Premier League teams from the Super League, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, as well as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid.

However, the three biggest supporters of the Super League— real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus — Refusing to accept the deal, Uefa threatened further disciplinary action.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus issued a joint statement on Saturday stating that they would defend their position and fight the sanctions imposed on them.

The three clubs said: “Despite the unacceptable ongoing pressure and threat from Uefa, we have a duty to act responsibly and to work persistently to seek the right solution.”

The toughest penalty imposed by Uefa is a two-year ban from the Champions League, Europe’s top football tournament, with € 2 billion shared between participating clubs each season.

The peace agreement, in which the compliant clubs agreed to “end their involvement” with the organizers of the Super League, was 12 after fierce debate among football power brokers to repair the split created last month. They will be given a permanent place when the topside announces that they will be competing in a new continental contest.

This concept represents a fundamental break from the “pyramid” structure of the world’s most popular sport.However The plan collapsed Within a few days in the face of fierce opposition from fans, players and politicians.

In the next few weeks, Uefa and others Soccer governing body We have sought guarantees from rebel teams that the Super League will not be revived at a later stage.

“These clubs quickly recognized their mistakes and took action to show their remorse and future commitment to European football,” said Uefa President Alexander Seferin. “The same is not true for clubs that continue to participate in the so-called Super League, and Uefa will then deal with those clubs.”

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The agreement ends the club’s relationship with the “company established to form and operate the Central League” and “all within their power” to withdraw all proceedings related to the creation of the League. We are demanding that we take measures.

The move aims to liquidate a Spanish company established to run a club-signed super league. Binding agreement.. Uefa is also trying to stop a proceeding related to an injunction won by a Super League club in a Spanish court designed to prevent authorities from blocking new competition.

Uefa’s peace agreement includes minor penalties for nine clubs. This includes withholding 5% of the income you would have earned from one season at a European competition.

The club also agrees to pay a total fine of € 100 million and a donation of € 15 million to benefit youth and grassroots football if it attempts to participate in an unauthorized contest.

Uefa agrees to peace agreement with most rebel super league clubs

Source link Uefa agrees to peace agreement with most rebel super league clubs

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