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London (AP) — The UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program is beginning to break the link between infectious diseases and serious illnesses.

London (AP) —The UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program is beginning to break the link between infection and serious illness or death, according to the latest results of an ongoing pandemic study in the United Kingdom.

Researchers at Imperial College London found that COVID-19 infections were reduced by about 60% in March as national blockades slowed the spread of the virus. People over the age of 65 were least likely to become infected because they benefited most from vaccination programs that were initially focused on the elderly.

The study also found that the relationship between infectious diseases and mortality was diversifying, suggesting that “infectious diseases may have resulted in reduced hospitalization and mortality since the start of widespread vaccination. There is. “

Positive news came in a new scrutiny of vaccination, following the UK Government’s guidance revised Wednesday. It is to provide alternative vaccinations for AstraZeneca shots to people under the age of 30 when possible. This change was made following a study that shots may be associated with very rare blood clots.

Health Minister Matt Hancock told Sky News that the public should be reassured by the abundant caution given by the authorities to ensure that the vaccine deployment is as safe as possible.

“What we have learned in the last 24 hours is that vaccine deployments are working. Regulators can discover even this very rare event (four-millionths) and the safety system works. It turns out that the action needed to ensure that the rollout is as safe as possible, “he said. “And I see the vaccine working. It breaks the link between the incident and death.”

By Tuesday, approximately 31.7 million people had received their first dose, which is more than 60% of the country’s adult population.

However, imperial researchers also cautioned that the infection rate leveled off at the end of the investigation period as the government began to ease the blockade of the country and the children returned to school. Future rounds of the study will assess the impact of further relaxation of restrictions on infection rates.

The next step in lifting the UK’s third national blockade is scheduled for April 12, allowing outdoor services at hair salons, gyms, pubs and restaurants, as well as the reopening of unwanted shops.

The findings are based on data collected in Round 10 of the real-time assessment of community infections at Imperial College. The survey conducts a cotton swab test every month on a random sample of people across the United Kingdom. In the latest round, more than 140,000 people were tested between March 11th and March 30th.

The UK has one of the fastest vaccine deployments in the world, but the death toll from a pandemic is the highest in Europe, exceeding 127,000.


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UK infections drop about 60% amid vaccinations, lockdown Source link UK infections drop about 60% amid vaccinations, lockdown

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