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Tampa, Florida 2021-04-07 19:26:29 –

CDC Director Rochelle Warrensky said Wednesday that the first mutant coronavirus found in the United Kingdom was the predominant strain of the virus that is currently prevalent in the United States.

British variants are more contagious than the original strain of the virus and are thought to spread more easily from person to person. The strain caused a significant increase in coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom in early 2021, and the country returned to a slowly lifted blockade this month.

According to the CDC, B1.1.7. The variants are 50% more contagious than the original strain and are probably more severe.

“There are still reasons to worry about the increase in cases, the number of mutations reported, and the increase in hospitalizations, and there are many reasons to have a lot of hope,” says Walensky.

Concerns for young adults are changing, especially given the UK variants, as the majority of the population over the age of 65 is currently vaccinated.

“We see more and more young adults in hospitals. Severe disease data suggest that adults in their 30s and 40s who are hospitalized have an increased prevalence of two variants of SARS COVID. Currently, cases of a subspecies of concern have been reported in 52 jurisdictions. The latest estimates from CDC surveillance indicate that the be 117 variant is currently the most common strain prevalent in the United States. ” Walensky said.

As of Wednesday, 19.4% of the population has been fully vaccinated with the coronavirus. However, given the predominance of British variants, the question remains as to when things can return to normal.

“As we get more and more people vaccinated, we will see the number of cases we see every day decrease at the same time,” he said. Dr. Anthony Fauci. “And so, as you know, the cascade domino effect of less hospitalization and less death. I don’t think it’s an accurate number. I don’t know what that number is. This is this percentage. Yes, we know it. It will be obvious when we see it, as the numbers decrease quite dramatically. “

Public health officials have emphasized that having a variant of the coronavirus was not unexpected, as the virus mutates when it is transmitted from person to person. The coronavirus vaccine currently being administered still provides protection against British variants, but there is concern that the vaccine will become less effective if the virus continues to mutate.

UK variant now the dominant strain in the US, CDC head says Source link UK variant now the dominant strain in the US, CDC head says

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