Ukraine cuts off Russia’s pipeline in the story of annexation – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-05-11 15:23:48 –

Zaporizhia, Ukraine (AP) —Ukraine has stopped the flow of Russian natural gas through hubs that supply European homes and industries.

In response to this move, pro-Kremlin officials in the southern region seized by Russian troops said they would request Moscow to annex it.

This statement could be another sign of Russia’s broader plans for Ukraine trying to save the previously unsuccessful aggression.

After his troops were unable to overtake the capital immediately, President Vladimir Putin shifted his focus to the eastern center of the country, Donbus. However, one of his commanders suggested that Moscow’s plans were broader, saying that Moscow also wanted to control the southern part of the country.

Officials set up by Moscow in Kherson said the authorities wanted to make the area the “appropriate area” of Russia.

The United States strengthened its commitment on Tuesday. The House of Representatives has approved a new $ 40 billion aid package.

The bill, with bipartisan support, will provide Ukraine with military and economic support, help regional allies, and replenish the weapons shipped abroad by the Pentagon. It will also provide $ 5 billion to address the global food shortage caused by the devastation of Ukraine’s normally strong crop production war.

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