Ukrainian refugees waiting in a Mexican camp urge the US to open the door | US-Mexico border

In a dusty field on the eastern side of Mexico’s vast capital, about 500 Ukrainian refugees are waiting in a large tent in the scorching sun to tell the U.S. government that they can come. increase.

The camp is only open for a week and 50-100 people arrive every day.I have some I’ve already been to Tijuana’s US border and was told I couldn’t enter there anymore.. Others have arrived at the airport in Mexico City or Cancun wherever they can find a ticket from Europe.

“We are asking the US government for faster processing,” said United co-founder Anastasia Polo. Ukraine, A non-governmental organization, established a camp in collaboration with the Mexican government. She said a week later, none of the refugees there were “near the end of the program.”

The program “Unity for Ukraine” was announced by the US Government on April 21st. Four days later, the Ukrainians US-Mexico border For the past two years, we are no longer exempt from pandemic-related rules that have been used to expedite immigrants without the opportunity to seek asylum.

Instead, you need to apply from another country such as Europe or Mexico. You must be in Ukraine as of February 11th to qualify. There are sponsors such as families and organizations. Meet vaccination and other public health requirements. Pass the background check.

According to Mr. Polo, U.S. government officials told her that it would take a week to process the person, but it seemed to be just beginning. Some of the first arrivals received an email from the U.S. government admitting that they had received their documents and their sponsor’s documents, but she heard that the sponsor had not yet been approved. Was there.

“These people are temporary and can’t stay in this camp,” Polo said. More than 100 residents of the camp are children.

Nearly 5.5 million Ukrainians, mainly women and children, have fled Ukraine since Russia invaded a small neighbor on February 24, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

19-year-old Giorgi Mikaberidze is waiting. He arrived in Tijuana on April 25 and noticed that the US border was closed. He complained that the US government gave little notice because many people like himself were already in transit. He is now about 600 miles (966 km) from just a few meters from the United States.

When the U.S. government announced in late March that it would accept up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, hundreds would enter Mexico daily as tourists in Mexico City or Cancun, fly to Tijuana for a few days, and finally only a few. I waited for a few hours before entering Mexico. The United States at the San Diego border crossing at a humane parole. A US border inspector whispered a Ukrainian, and the two- to four-day wait was eventually reduced to a few hours.

That special treatment ended the day Mikaberize arrived in Tijuana.

“We want to go to America. [we’re] Some people don’t even have the money to come back here already, “he said.

Mikaberize visited a relative in Georgia in southern Ukraine when the Russian invasion broke out and could not return. He said his mother remained in a village near Kharkov in eastern Ukraine and she was afraid to leave her home as Russian troops indiscriminately shot and killed cars traveling in the area.

“She said it was a very dangerous situation,” said Mikaberize, who traveled alone to Mexico.

Mexico City Camp provides a safe place to wait. It was built inside a large sports facility, so Ukrainians could see them pushing strollers, playing soccer, volleyball and swimming with their children along the sidewalk.

However, refugees were warned that no one was responsible for their safety while they were free to leave the complex. Iztapalapa, the most populous district in the capital, is also one of the most dangerous.

Ukrainian refugees waiting in a Mexican camp urge the US to open the door | US-Mexico border

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