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New York (AP) — Jeff Ulbrich was a tough and gritty linebacker when he was active and always happy …

New York (AP) — Jeff Ulbrich was a tough and gritty linebacker when he was active and was always willing to do the dirty work he needed.

It’s the same approach and identity he offers as a defensive coordinator for the New York Jets.

Linebacker Jarrad Davis said on Friday, “He’s an old-fashioned linebacker.” “He still feels it every day. He brings that energy, brings that fire, and it helps to boost us as players.”

Ulbrich has a clear vision of how to defend in New York. This is a seemingly simple philosophy, but it shapes the type of team Jets expects.

“It will be based on principles,” Ulbrich said. “It will be based on technique. It is based on effort and toughness, which is exactly the essence of this game. We are now telling the players this, it’s about them, it’s about us I’m telling you that it’s not a thing. “

In short, Ulbrich focuses on, teaches and lets players play.

“We’re not going to make a magical call to them to solve the problem,” Ulbrich said. “They only understand this defense and the highest level of defense, and the techniques within the highest level of defense.

“And this is the secret sauce, but simplicity and player first.”

This is important for Ulbrich, as he used to be where the players are now.

The 44-year-old coach played for the NFL for 10 years after receiving a third round nomination from Hawaii in 2000. unit. He has played 120 games in the NFL, scoring more than 400 tackles, 5 1/2 sack, 5 forced fumbles, intercepts and safety in the 75 starting games.

And he pays a lot of respect throughout the league.

“He’s pure energy,” said Jets coach Robert Saleh. “He’s real. He’s a man, and it’s great that he’s here.”

A concussion at the age of 32 shortened Ulbrich’s playing career in 2009, but his love for the game was still burning. So he quickly pursued coaching and moved up the ranks, passing on knowledge to younger players.

“I can get that perspective because I stand in their place, sit in their chairs and know the feeling,” he said. “Hopefully that’s what I do. I hope you do that and give me a little confidence in the fact that you’ve played for a while, that is, there is a level of trust that the original player can create.

“But more than that, there isn’t much benefit, except for the headaches I have.”

All the experience gained in the side business over the last 11 years is certainly helpful.

Pete Carroll hired him as an assistant special team coach in Seattle in 2010 and met Saleh, who was initially a defense quality control coach.

“Since then, we’ve been in constant contact,” says Ulbrich.

After working for the Seahawks for two years, Ulbrich coached linebackers and special teams at UCLA for three years under Jim Mora. Dan Quinn returned to the NFL with Atlanta in 2015 when he appointed Wolblitch as a linebacker coach, adding an assistant head coach to the title last season.

When the Falcons fired Quinn in the middle of the season, interim coach Raheem Morris replaced Ulbrich with a defensive coordinator. And when the team cleaned the house after Atlanta finished 4 to 12, Ulbrich didn’t lose his job for a long time.

Saleh hired him to take charge of the defense in January and appreciated his vision in the field and how he would handle it.

“If you have the opportunity to sit with Jeff outside of football, he’s probably one of the most real guys you can actually be with,” Saleh said. “My philosophical belief in his knowledge of football, his thinking, how to play this game, and how to get the most out of the player with respect to the scheme and the details that accompany it.”

Ulbrich will include aspects of the 49ers system, which Saleh has been operating as a defense coordinator for the past four years, as part of the Falcons system.

“I’ll add a few wrinkles,” said Ulbrich. “But the basis for this is what he grew up in San Francisco.”

And their personality should be intertwined. Both Saleh and Ulbrich are emotional guys on the field during the match, but otherwise high-level leaders.

“The great thing about Ulbrich is that he is a great teacher first,” Saleh said. “There is less fluff and less yelling. I don’t believe it in the conference room. I don’t think so in the driving range. I think it’s teaching in the driving range. And you have eyes. The moment of making, the moment of energy is a celebration. It’s not like biting your butt.

“Understanding all the work done to each other, players, coaches, everyone, etc. Therefore, when great things happen on the football field, the excitement you see is for the players more than anything else. And that’s what Jeff represents. “


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