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UL’s defense actually enjoyed carried the load down the stretch during Cajuns’ victory | UL Ragin’ Cajuns – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Stateboro, Georgia-At 28-20 Roadwin in Georgia Southern on Saturday, UL quarterback Levi Lewis and the rest of Lagin Cajun’s attacks did not underestimate the defensive efforts.

The attack would have preferred not to burden the defensive brothers.

Fortunately, UL’s defense relentlessly put pressure on Justin Tmurin in the Georgia Southern quarterback with the last two snaps, forcing a fourth turnover with Cajun’s 38 down 44 seconds remaining. Handled the situation with.

After the 28-20 road win in Georgia Southern on Saturday, there were many good things to say about all areas of the UL team.

“It’s good that they went through, but I’m always angry that we can’t go through for defense,” Lewis said. “Our defense had to return to the field-we had a three-and-out. It’s really hard on our side.”

The truth is that UL’s outstanding defensive player had a ball chasing Tomlin around the field at Allen E. Paulson Stadium.

“It was a lot of fun, guy,” said Andre Jones of UL Defensive End. “We played together. We were doing that chemistry. Everyone was on the same page. It was really fun. Then we were making a play, and it was right there. I put the icing on the cake. “

The defense certainly gave up more rush yards than planned-actually 278 yards, 453 yards in total-but it also produced a lot of big play at important moments.

Defensive Coordinator Patrick Tony’s unit was credited with 3 sack, 9 stops behind the line, forced fumble, intercept, 7 pass breakups and 2 rush credits.

“Oh yeah, it was great to see,” said UL coach Billy Napier. “We really challenged our fronts. When you play these teams, your fronts have to answer the bell over and over again-at the point and edge of the attack. Some are non-conforming. Some of them were rolling off the table.

“But in general, we stopped when it was important, and it was more important than how hard we played and finally how well it was done on the spot.”

Indeed, defense was forced to overturn it by Georgia Southern four times down in the second half.

UL’s special team has had ups and downs so far this season. The kick game was certainly a Saturday point in Georgia Southern.

The effort was particularly satisfying for senior linebacker Ferrod Gardner, who led the team with 11 tackles, two stops on the line and a half-sack after missing the last two games due to injury.

“It was a blessing to be here,” Gardner said. “It was a very humble experience that I couldn’t and couldn’t participate in these two games, so it’s great to be here and leave the field with a” W “with everyone. I’m in the mood. “

So no, the defense wasn’t upset about having to give Roadwin a final blow.

“You want to get out there and play and be an influential player on the team,” Gardner said. “When the game is in progress at Crunch Time, you want to be the guy they want. You want to be the guy coach Tony calls the play. In any situation, you get out there and for everyone. I want to play with.

“I wanted them to be reliable guys. I’m glad they ended up in their own way.”

However, the attack punted four consecutive possessions with a chance to clear the Eagles in the second half, which did not mean that it did not contribute significantly to the victory.

The most illustrious point was the deep pass game, which was an important point throughout the off-season.

1. Still inconsistent

Lewis was 17 yards out of 28 yards, 249 yards, 3 touchdowns and no passcuts.

“We need to do it more often,” Napier said of the long TD pass. “We felt like we weren’t doing it enough. We felt that we were able to play another play to that bystander, so their back corners made a fuss of play – Mostly chosen.

“But we’re behind them. No. 1 (Lewis), really that’s the area we’ve been working on and he threw two absolute strikes-a great route, a great catch . “

Lewis completed a 48-yard touchdown pass to Michael Jefferson during the season in the first quarter, tying 7-7, then giving 46-yard Donte Fleming a 28-13 lead in the third quarter. I left 6:52. ..

“We always want to put a lot of emphasis on knowing people, knowing people,” Lewis explained. “Skinny (Michael Jefferson) and Donte (Fleming), we guys are fast, so you have to put it out there.

“If you don’t put it out there, it will be overthrown.”

Unfortunately, there was little success other than these three TD passes. Reese Burns punted seven times and UL went down again on the 50 side.

“Looking back at the game, I would say I had a chance to score two or three, but it wasn’t,” Napier said. “That’s where we have to improve. A little bit of it is me. I made some really bad calls today in my opinion. I can do better for the players. Today There are some things I want to come back to. “

Incredibly, eight of Georgia Southern’s last nine drives ended in the UL territory, but thanks to a blocked field goal, Percy Butler’s interception, and four turnovers down. Only two ended with points.

“I can’t say enough about how our defense reacted, especially in the second half,” Napier said.

UL’s defense actually enjoyed carried the load down the stretch during Cajuns’ victory | UL Ragin’ Cajuns Source link UL’s defense actually enjoyed carried the load down the stretch during Cajuns’ victory | UL Ragin’ Cajuns

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