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** The video above details the payment of child tax credits **

Cleveland (WJW) — Internal Revenue Service You say you haven’t been charged a refund of millions of dollars in taxes, but if you want to collect yours, there is an expiration date.

The IRS says this is an evergreen issue every year because people who haven’t filed tax returns are missing out on refunds and credits.

Those who did not fill out the tax return but would like to request a refund will be given a 36-month period.

Before the window closes in 2021 due to tax refund in 2017 48,700 Ohio He missed a total of nearly $ 48 million in refunds, averaging $ 852 per person.

But the IRS says the Ohio may not be the only reason they are missing out on legitimate money in their pockets.

There are many tax refunds that have been tax refunded but remain undelivered.

Some people may have filed taxes, but they have not filed them electronically. If you haven’t signed up to receive your direct deposit and your physical paper check didn’t arrive in your mailbox, there are several reasons.

  • Did you move?
  • Did you change your name by getting married or divorced?
  • Did you close the IRS-established bank account for direct deposits?

The IRS also tells me to check a pile of mail at home. You may have got it, but you haven’t opened it yet.

If you change your address Form 8822 Send to the address displayed on the form.

According to the IRS, submitting electronically and using direct deposits can eliminate the risk of lost returns and reduce errors.You can find a way to do it here..

We also want to notify you by email, social media, or phone that we will not start contacting taxpayers. Taxpayers will not be notified of tax refunds pending tax refunds or will ask for personal information. Therefore, please do not provide that information. Become a victim of fraud.

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