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Uncle Luke, the man whose loot-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand for freedom of speech, becomes as annoying as he wants. .. This week, Luke blows up a Miami Beach leader to treat a black spring breaker.

Another spring break at Miami Beach went to hell. And don’t be surprised by anyone. City leaders, including Mayor Dan Gelber, are black with the same respect they give to mostly white wealthy visitors to Art Basel, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, and other luxury events. Refusing to treat tourists.

Instead, spring break masses, mostly young African Americans, are allowed to roam the streets with nowhere to go so that police can roll them up and put them in jail for too much fun. I am.

Earlier this week, Gelber Told a TV news reporter, “If you come here to get confused, it’s not worth the money to us. It’s not worth the income. To endure the improper and improper conduct we see. You can’t pay for our community. “

Indeed, anyone who comes to Miami Beach engaged in violence should go to jail. However, the spring break crowd was peaceful, with the exception of the street brawl and some of the shootings that killed the young man. Yes, there were a lot of twists on the car, but that’s what young people do.

Miami Beach creates the environment of today, with a large crowd of maskless people every day on the streets and sidewalks of Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue. Elected city officials did nothing in preparation for the onslaught, except to warn the spring breakers that they would be trapped to stand up.

Last year, after NAACP and social justice activists accused the then mayor Jimmy Morales and the Miami Beach Police Station of brute force tactics against black tourists, I made a zoom call with Gerber and other city officials. I gave them a blueprint for dealing with future crowds during Spring Break and Memorial Day weekends. This is another informal event that attracts young African Americans to the city.

I suggested planning a city-approved and sponsored event on the beach where they could control the crowd and enjoy something for the people. It may have been configured using appropriate social distancing protocols and mask distribution to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The city certainly had no problems hosting the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. The festival requires all participants to submit evidence of a recent coronavirus test or vaccination when it takes place in May. And you don’t see Gerber doing an interview about the large crowd that the festival will bring to Miami Beach.

Instead, Miami Beach continues to transform the city into a virtual police state every time black tourists come to town. They will be jacked up and upset when police officers have to wear their protective vests and other riot style equipment.Last Friday we saw a flock of cops Body slam young black man Then use pepper balls to disperse the crowd.

Miami Beach police chief Rick Clements told the press that a young man refused a legitimate departure order and people gathered around him after he was throwing money into the air. The last time I checked, it wasn’t a crime to rain.

In fact, Miami Beach is part of the United States and must comply with a constitution that allows anyone to go wherever they want during their vacation. This strategy of defeating the junk of black tourists and putting them in jail does not stop them from coming. But city leaders believe that if they create an unwelcome environment, they will get rid of the black crowd.

They want blacks to boycott Miami Beach. But we really should do the opposite. Black tourists need to flood Miami Beach on anniversary weekends. They need to come out in large numbers and show Gerber that they can’t be locked out.

And when Miami Beach seeks additional physical and police services from Miami-Dade for Spring Break and Memorial Day, the four Black County Commissioners need to vote against it. Otherwise, Oliver Gilbert, Jean Monestime, Kionne McGee, and Keon Hardemon have tolerated unjustified harassment of black tourists and police atrocities.

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Uncle Luke: Miami Beach Is Police State During Spring Break 2021
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