Under the deck, Med Maria White wasn’t happy with Lexie Wilson’s apology

I’m not impressed! Maria White Not satisfied with Lexi WilsonApologies for following their quarrel in Season 6 Under the deck Mediterranean..

NS TV personality, 31, spoke exclusively We weekly On Wednesday, July 28, 29-year-old Lexi did not appear to be “fully” honest when she spoke. NS Lady Michel crew About her breakdown on July 26th Bravo series episodes..

“I think she was kind of like that.” Yeah, anything. I don’t remember. sorry. Like, everyone gets over it,'” Maria remembered. “We said,’Why don’t you remember? You were saying something pretty fierce.’ So I don’t think it was as honest as we wanted, but for her, that’s what we get. I think it’s the best I’ve ever had. “

Maria and Lexi. Laurent Bassett / Bravo (2)

Fans saw in an episode on July 26, when Lexi was berthed in Croatia, starting with her and Maria Tiff at a restaurant with Maria and getting involved in multiple discussions. They had some words while discussing the checks and later returned to the yacht to discuss in their room.

The stewardess, who spoke out about her “burn list” and drank that night, then joined some of their sailors in the hot tub — and things became even more tense.At some point Lexi went to the galley and yelled Mzi “Zee” Dempers, Finally push her in.

Maria said We Lexi hasn’t contacted her yet after their fight aired on Bravo on Wednesday.

“I haven’t finished talking to Lexi, so I can see what else is happening and what’s happening at Lexi,” she teased. “But I think what happened was in Lexi. She just did it and it’s fair.”

Boatswain She has mixed feelings Whether Lexi should be fired for her actions.

“It’s difficult because I think we should give it a second chance,” Maria said. “Everyone is having a drunken night that they regret. This is her first night, so I think it’s something we can look back on. If we continue to act like physically pushing someone. , I think she should be fired. “

Maria thinks that everything is said and done captain Sandyone She dealt with the situation as much as she could.

“”[The] Captains usually like to give the crew a second chance. And, as you know, she was experiencing a lot at the time, and none of the crew was like “Oh, get rid of her!”, The Florida native recalls. rice field. “No one was so deeply hurt by what she did, so I had to take her off the boat. I think we were all happy to say. Let’s get off to a new start.”

Maria also reacted Matthew Shea Stop again This season Under the deck med, It happened on the same night as Lexi’s drama.

“”Most of the time, get on the boat and quit and you’re done.. Again, I think it was a drunken night. He came back soon and apologized very much, “she said. We.. “He immediately went to everyone and said,’Everyone, my badness, I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I’ll leave it to you.” So he did it, and we get him back. I think I accepted that more. “

Maria said: Matt’s apology felt sincereShe added that she would work with him again. But as for Lexi, she admitted that she would not work with her again “by choice”.

Under the deck Mediterranean Bravo will air on Monday at 8 pm EST.

Reported by Mandie DeCamp

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Under the deck, Med Maria White wasn’t happy with Lexie Wilson’s apology

Source link Under the deck, Med Maria White wasn’t happy with Lexie Wilson’s apology

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