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Written by Monica Correa November 16, 2021


The City of Miami submits the final design concept and trades with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to coordinate between the formal budget proposal and the city’s redesigned operational plan presented by the city in August 2019. , I-395 Underdeck Greenway development is accelerating. ..

However, as it is scheduled to open in 2024, it still needs funding to carry out the project.

The 33-acre public open space under the reconstructed I-395 promises to “re-stitch the neighborhood divided by the original interstate,” said Jeremy Carreros, city deputy planning director. Goger told the Miami Chamber of Commerce Committee on November 10.

The FDOT handed over the underdeck city management and reviewed the city’s concept in October 2020. From March to September, the Planning Committee submitted the final concept and prepared a memorandum of action with the FDOT.

Now, Goger said, “We’re in the part that’s putting pressure on this budget, where the FDOT tells us,” This is how much money we have for the entire project. ” I’m saying. You need to get the design that the city wants to manage well. “

In his presentation, Goger pointed out the challenges facing the city with respect to its current structure: “no man’s land with poor lighting in terms of being responsible for the area.” Currently, 770 columns support the above I-395.

The proposed Greenway will reduce the number of pillars to less than 200 and eliminate “massive soil embankments”. In addition, the bridge is deliberately split with higher overhead clearance from 18 feet to 45 feet on the current Northeast First Avenue and 20 feet to 60 feet on the Northwest Third Avenue to illuminate more light. -A tree of size, making it a “totally different space”.

According to Goger, the removal of the embankment cost about $ 9 million for the FDOT, and the original plan cost about $ 11 million for the total expansion of the space.

The city is currently aware of price differences. “Making a little more money from the FDOT is clearly the most direct way to fund a project,” he said. In that way, the pedestrian bridge was improved. “

Last December, the FDOT funded $ 22 million to build a reinforced pedestrian bridge and remove the earthen berm surrounding the I-395 in the first step to the underdeck to be completed in the fall of 2024. ..

The underdeck has a pedestrian bridge called the Miami Heritage Trail from Northwest Third Avenue to Biscayne Boulevard, and a pedestrian bridge over the Florida East Coast Railway.

“NS [Underdeck] The area of ​​Overtown, where the neighborhood is located, is a bit small and a little wider towards the performing arts center and museums, “he said. “we [Miami-Dade County] This is to relocate the parking lot and services of the art center. “

Another problematic area was the area where railroads pass, he said. “There were some very large embankments. The concrete walls that support the road overhead. Instead of having connection points, there was a narrow pedestrian bridge through a maze of large walls with only a surface parking lot.”

As Brightline trains return, Tri-Rail arrives downtown, and freight transport from Miami Port increases, it is possible to build a viable bridge to connect the overtown area with the rest of the underdeck. He said it was important.

“We worked with the FDOT and argued that this was something that needed improvement,” he said. “And they budgeted a fair amount of extra money to get rid of the solid wall embankments. Due to the location outside the ramp, some parts are still missing. But we have these verticals. We moved from a very narrow pedestrian bridge sandwiched between the walls to the ongoing proposal, which is a 24-foot wide “Active Heart” bridge with ample space for activities. “

According to Goger’s presentation, the Miami Heritage Trail is the main trail down the backbone of the Greenway, “celebrating Miami’s historic and contemporary culture through enhanced public art, functional lighting and open space.” … apparently … The underdeck city redesign will have 50% green space compared to the previously planned 30%.

The city also plans to generate revenue using enhanced programming on the completed underdeck: community plazas, cafes, kiosk areas, active recreation, rental space.

“The idea is to install something like a conduit and make sure that the power supply is in all the right places where you can install sound booths, lights, or staging equipment,” says Gauger. “Same idea as community plazas. They need to be multifunctional with power, water and sewer connections in major locations for farmers markets, entrepreneurial pop-up spaces, or long-term temporary use. I have.”

“There is an area for playgrounds, dog parks. There is a platform for interactive water features with elements such as event spaces, toilets, operation buildings, and elements that are functional spaces even when off,” he adds. I did.

This income opportunity helps the city manage underdeck operating costs in the long run. “Perhaps the Underdeck Greenway will end up in trust or maintenance with a non-profit public partnership for the overall management of the space,” Goger said.

“We are looking for funding opportunities, so the infrastructure bill has been passed. I know there are many new funding opportunities,” said Javier A. Betancourt, Executive Director of Citizens Independent Transportation Trust. Said at the meeting. “This administration seems very keen to mitigate some of these horrific mistakes from the past when we divided these low-income communities. And maybe there are federal resources. There will be an opportunity for. “

The deadline for the final underdeck overall plan has been extended to February 2022 as the city continues to seek funding.

In 2018, the Downtown Development Department will provide $ 50,000 for design, the Miami Park Parking Department for $ 50,000, the Omni Community Redevelopment Department for $ 150,000, and the Southeast Overtown / Park West Community Redevelopment Department for $ 150,00. I agreed. None of these amounts have been confirmed by the FDOT, Miami Today previously reported.

David Restainer, Managing Director of Douglas Elliman Commercial and Chairman of the New World Center Committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, said: Infrastructure is important. Restoring power is also important as it connects areas a short distance from the west side of the waterfront. “

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