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While East Indian Dipole Two years after the wildfire began, it has temporarily eased our epigenetic despair. It’s worth remembering how the Murdoch press chose. Present the survey results At the time.

As the strength of the flame Burned minerals From the soil, either side Scott Morrison Hawaii Holiday And that knock back News Corporation’s Australian division shook hands and empowered the most controversial entities to damage the spirit of everyday Australians.

In January 2020, deep in the collective anguish of a devastating wildfire, Murdoch’s authors stirred the pot. ‘Warming is good for us‘Written by a well-known expert, less than a month after the image of a child on New Year’s Day. run away Hell like hell with a small family.

News Corp’s tabloid between April 2019 and March 2020 Release 8,612 news and commentary articles on climate change, nearly half of these articles rejected or cast doubt on this issue during the raging hell.One side of these pieces was acquired by PM Boo He rushed around for a photo shoot in front of the fire like a Pentecostal flame.There are thousands of lines of incorrect information gradually We changed the story of climate change and made collaborative efforts.

Union of climate criminals

One of the Australian Government’s biggest failures is its indifference to the Liberal Party’s tradition of commitment to climate policy.

When Scott Morrison recently went to America Previous He met with President Joe Biden and had an intimate supper with the CEO of News Corporation. Robert thomson..

It’s no coincidence that when he returned, we witnessed a dramatic shift from political and journalism classes to Net Zero. One of Joe Biden’s first signatures in the Oval Office was Executive order Rejoin the Paris Agreement. This position is always “Sticking points“Between the current US administration and the man who played” Oh Poor Yorick “in a lump of coal in the Capitol.

As we live and breathe, US Democrats are now suggestion For what is called a “carbon tax”.

Many years before China started knock back Long before they started shutting out our diplomats, our dirty recycled plastic mountains, the Girard government Clean energy bill In 2011, we set the price of carbon for the first time in the world.

In 2014, just two years after its introduction, the coalition followed up on its election promises. The end We are happy to celebrate in both Congressional homes of “useless, destructive, carbon taxes”. This is all Mining giant And that Major pollutersSeeded by the media in a tabloid-subjective howling strong wind, whiplashes bullish on everything.

Jeff Denbiki It highlights the conflicting nature of News Corp and documents what the company has spent.

The News Corp Empire observes the horrors of intercontinental environmental disasters, while protecting assets from these events and guaranteeing future investment. Since 2006, we have been actively aware of the impacts of climate change and are preparing strategically. Yet, at the same time, it encourages experts to politicize and mislead and platform counter-intuitive ideas. If News Corporation has beaten the hatch for 15 years, why not buy Australians with them if climate change issues occur?

To date, News Corp has used the political capital gained from decades of misinformation about climate change. 79 percent Of Australians who believe it is happening and want to act.I’m using Political division Ignoring warning signs and trampling clarity and consensus on important national issues as everyday bread, it causes incomprehensible damage to our ability to respond as a nation.

So, at dawn, on Monday, October 11, 2021, they said more “Green and gold“The front page of” MISSION ZERO “was more than Kieren Perkins won in Barcelona and did not show ads for Clive Palmer or Harvey Norman. Only one day.

Billboard ridicules Morrison while Australia prepares for COP26

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has decided to attend the COP26 conference as Australians have launched a campaign to show our shame to the world.

Friendly rival newspapers praise News Corporation has become a good friend in the sequel, like the original old nemesis. Some of us feel a little numb about all of that.But this is not the case Apollo Creed Also Lando Calrissian From the Rocky III or Star Wars VI we are dealing with, this is Xenomorph From aliens.

Fellow Morrison, who said he could enclose the mob who launched Turnbull with National Energy Security, is now held hostage to these. Fringe Resident In Canberra. It may take a little longer to bring them back as they are moving forward against the grain and trying to establish their brand beyond the pale colors.

There is room for these ideals in a large country that invites people like Gina Rinehart Talk to elite school kids about climate denialism and Suckerite values, or like a climate paragon Andrew Forrest Speak at the National Press Club to blame the government.

Scott Morrison has played an important role in the era of climate policy withdrawal and revisionism.from abolition Carbon tax scuttling National Energy SecurityMorrison was not afraid to extend this historically significant obligation for his subjective political interests.

In September 2019, the Prime Minister declined an invitation to another person United Nations Climate Summit..Summit observer Morrison said he runs a “denialist government” that was doing “greenwashing” to meet emission targets. In all of that, Morrison still called the youth activist Greta Thunberg.anxiety“For children.

If Morrison should know something about “anxiety,” it is the collective anxiety of a country that is upset by the combined effects of climate change and seeks initiatives and solutions from its leaders. Should be.

The working class of the country is those who are exposed to the uncertainty of the situation after the Clean Energy Act.

How Murdoch Manipulates Australia’s Political Climate

The sudden promotion of climate change by News Corporation is another example of how the coalition and MSM can work together to create and manage political stories.

Slogans from major political parties, courtesy from unprepared leaders in politics and industry, and with the government Compliant pressThe threat of employment security in the stagnant labor market is exacerbated by the politicization of the problem and confused by the small ideas used to appease the workers involved.

Without the support of duopoly and power brokers, and lack of ambitious inspiration in Canberra, they may feel increasingly unprepared for a brave new world of clean energy and unaware of economic opportunities. I’m not sure about the Australian herd. Security that any of this can bring.

If there was no simultaneous abolition Clean Energy Law, we would have had 10 years of experience working people Green jobThe green industry allows our youth and workers to think big in those areas. As early adopters of carbon taxes, we should have been able to lead the world as we have often done before the small ideas and cancellations from the decade of coalition revisionism.What Wasted opportunity Australians witnessed.

While Reactivity The Prime Minister stalls, flops and hesitates to go to Glasgow. He desperately shuffles documents by plane, leaving behind a dire political situation. It’s no wonder he wanted to talk about how to stay and get out of it, as the public is being “bullied” and the weight of public opinion is increasing.

The coalition government, the pioneer of News Corporation, must remember that the army that abolished the Clean Energy Act sent us to Glasgow in this way at the very end. With the people “Seeking clarity“, It may leave the prime minister at a climate policy dog ​​breakfast on Monday, but it also leaves behind Barnaby Joyce Use his own ferocious and unique style to lyrically wax the subject.

NS eye Many developed countries have watched Australia stagger in the Pariah state. Everything that has happened since then, all vanity and embarrassment, regression and coldness, is underpinned by a promotional network that blends into our daily lives, which helps create an uncertain future for our children. I did.

Joel Jenkins It is a lighter and actuator. You can read more from Joel Bogan Intelligentsia Follow him on Twitter @boganintel..

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Undeterred by pariah status, PM to wave ‘green and gold’ at Glasgow Source link Undeterred by pariah status, PM to wave ‘green and gold’ at Glasgow

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