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Phoenix — Arizona Governor Doug Duchy issued an executive order on Monday saying residents receiving unemployment benefits You have to show again evidence that they are actively looking for a job..

According to the Economic Security Agency, that means contacting at least one job a day on four different days of the week. According to DES, a person’s job search should include trying to find a suitable job by experience, education, and / or training.

In addition, unemployed Arizonas need to follow up on general inquiries by making personal visits or submitting applications and resumes.

“Finding a good job is a sincere and consistent effort to find a job, not just trying to maintain your benefits qualification,” said Tasha Peterson, a DES spokeswoman.

In addition to contacting your employer directly, acceptable “Search for Jobs” contacts include:

  • Register and contact the union’s employment or placement facility
  • Register with your professional organization’s placement facility
  • Check with a former employer who may have the right opening for you
  • Register with your school, college or college placement facility for your profession or work that may be available in your profession
  • Test or apply for recruitment of civil servants or government agencies
  • Register the appropriate job at a private employment agency or employer’s placement facility

The petitioner must also keep a record of all work-related contacts that he makes weekly to apply for benefits. When making a weekly bill, you need to provide the following information:

  • Contact date
  • Employer’s name and address
  • Contact name or address of the website you visited
  • Contact method
  • Type of work required
  • Measures taken on the contact date

In addition, the petitioner must register with Arizona Job College Before they can make a profit.

DES said that if for some reason someone is unable to complete the registration, a notification will be sent informing them of what action they need to take to modify and activate the registration. If you do not follow the notice, benefits may be delayed or denied, officials said.

visit des.az.gov/services/coronavirus For more information.

You can do it Read the full order here Or it will be embedded below.

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