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Unemployed Nevada residents brace for end of virus benefits – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2020-12-26 22:00:55 –

Las Vegas (AP) – Unemployed Nevada residents are preparing for the termination of some federal coronavirus bailouts on Saturday. The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program will expire after President Trump postpones signing the stimulus package presented by Congress.

Marianne Leblanc, a Nevada resident who worked in the live event industry, has been absent from work since March. She expressed frustration and anxiety that her profits had not been updated. Currently, LeBlanc’s only income comes from federal payments.

Mr. Trump’s refusal to sign a bipartisan package because he demanded a larger COVID bailout check and complained about spending “pork” was also on Tuesday at 12:00 am in the middle of a pandemic. If you run out of money in a minute, you may be forced to shut down the federal government.

“This is a chess game and we’re pawns,” said Lantris Haines, three self-employed single mothers in South Bend, Indiana, who either Trump signed the package or was unlikely to do so. Unless you succeed, you will lose $ 129 in unemployment benefits each week. The quest for change.

Washington got out of hand with the package after Trump had already gained full approval in both Houses of Parliament, and after the White House assured Republican leaders that Trump would support it. Since then, I’ve been upset.

Instead, he assassinated the bill’s plan to provide most Americans with a $ 600 COVID bailout check — arguing that it should be $ 2,000. House Republicans quickly rejected the idea during a rare Christmas Eve session. But Trump isn’t upset.

Mr. Trump tweeted on Saturday from his vacation in Palm Beach, Florida. “Also, stop billions of dollars with’pork’.”

Two federal programs to provide unemployment assistance were due to expire on Saturday, so presidential election Joe Biden called on Trump to sign the bill immediately.

“It was the day after Christmas, and millions of families knew if they could make ends meet as President Donald Trump refused to sign a parliamentary-approved economic bailout bill with an overwhelming and bipartisan majority. No, “said the Biden statement. He accused Trump of “disclaiming responsibility” with “catastrophic consequences.”

“I was talking to people who were afraid they might be kicked out of their homes during the Christmas holidays, but if they don’t sign the bill, it could happen,” Michigan lawmaker Debbie Dingell said. .. Democratic Party.

Lauren Bauer, a Fellow of Economic Research at the Brookings Institution, calculated that 11 million people would soon lose help from the program without additional relief. Millions of more will run out of other unemployment benefits within a few weeks.

Andrew Stettner, an unemployment insurance expert and senior fellow at the Century Foundation think tank, said the number could approach 14 million due to the surge in unemployment since Thanksgiving.

“If Trump doesn’t sign a damn bill, all these people and their families will suffer,” Heidi Sirholtz, policy director at the Liberal Institute for Economic Policy, tweeted Wednesday.

How and when people are affected by revocation depends on the state they live in, the program they depend on, and when they apply for benefits. In some states, people with regular unemployment insurance may continue to receive payments under programs that extend benefits if the unemployment rate exceeds certain thresholds. Mr Toner said.

However, about 9.5 million people rely on a pandemic unemployment support program that expires completely on Saturday. The program has made unemployment insurance available to freelancers, gig workers, and other normally unqualified people. After receiving the final check, these recipients will not be able to apply for additional assistance after Saturday, according to Stettner.

Payments can be received retroactively, but gaps mean more difficulty and uncertainty for Americans who are already tackling bureaucratic delays, while waiting for payments to begin. Often, many of the savings are exhausted and floating.

They are people like Earl McCarthy, the father of four in South Fulton, Georgia, and have been dependent on unemployment since losing their job as a sales representative in the senior senior living community. He said he would run out of income by the second week of January if Trump didn’t sign the bill.

McCarthy said he had already used up much of his savings after waiting five months before he started receiving unemployment benefits. After leaving a weekly message to the unemployment agency, McCarthy contacted the Mayor of South Fulton’s office and then sought help from a state legislature representative. He finally started receiving payments in November.

“The whole experience was horrifying,” said McCarthy, who receives about $ 350 a week in unemployment insurance.

“For me, I wondered where I would have been if I hadn’t saved anything or had emergency funding in the last five months,” he said. “If the president doesn’t sign this bill, it will be difficult.”

The bill awaiting Trump’s signature will also activate a $ 300 weekly federal supplement to unemployment benefits.

Sharon Shelton Corpening hoped that with additional support, her 83-year-old mother would be able to eat up her social security payments and stop paying $ 1,138 rent.

Coping, who lives in the Atlanta area, launched a freelance content strategy business shortly before the pandemic, and some of the contracts failed. She says she receives about $ 125 a week under a pandemic unemployment program and will not be able to pay her bill in about a month. This is despite her temporary work for the US Census, and as a voting worker in elections.

“We are at stake,” said Coping, who is lobbying for unemployment, a project launched by the Popular Democracy Center to fight for relief. “If so, another month. Then I’ll run out of everything.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump spends his last days with office golf and angry tweets because he refused to accept his loss to Biden in the November 3 elections. On Saturday, he again accused members of his own party for not participating in his quest to overturn the outcome of the election with a large number of unfounded allegations of fraudulent voting repeatedly denied by the court. ..

“If a Democratic presidential candidate is illicitly stolen an election with evidence of such an act at a level never seen before, the Democratic senator will consider it a war act and will fight to death.” He got it. He said Senate leader Mitch McConnell and his Republicans “just want to get it through.” There is no fight! “

Mr. Trump also seems to have urged supporters to gather in Washington on January 6, when Congress aggregated the Electoral College votes, despite a similar incident that turned into violence last month. The Justice Department blamed the FBI. , Multiple people have been stabbed on the streets of the capital.

In addition to the freeze on unemployment benefits, Trump’s lack of action on the bill has led to the expiration of eviction protection, along with money to support schools and vaccine distribution, as well as new to hard-hit companies, restaurants and theaters. Hold the subsidy.

The bailout is also attached to the $ 1.4 trillion government funding bill to keep the federal government running.

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