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Chicago (AP) — The Chicago Police Department has suspended several police officers captured in the video during widespread anxiety last summer —…

Chicago (AP) —Chicago Police Department relaxes in a parliamentary campaign office for robbers as people throughout the city vandalize and steal from businesses several police officers captured in video during the widespread mayhem last summer. He said he was, and was clearly asleep.

Fraternal Order of Police President John Katanzara told the Chicago Sun-Times that 17 police officers and supervisors would be suspended from 1 to 20 days. He also said the union had filed a complaint to challenge all suspensions.Katanzara did not return a call for comment from the Associated Press on Thursday

The agency did not confirm the outage, but in a news release the Interior Bureau ended the investigation and members of the relevant agencies said they were “notified of the results of the investigation.”

In this video, after a white Minneapolis police officer pushed his knees into a black man’s neck for a few minutes, George Floyd’s death triggered widespread vandalism, theft, and arson by Chicago police and other departments across the country. Recorded when I was struggling to try.

A video of a Chicago police officer relaxing and sleeping at a campaign office south of Congressman Bobby Rush (D-Chicago) shows some police officers brewing coffee and making popcorn. It seemed to be, and soon became a national news article, which angered and embarrassed Mayor Lori Lightfoot, police officer David Brown and others.

After Rush watched the video and handed her the footage from May 31st to early June 1st, Lightfoot told reporters, “We should all be sick.” “We should all feel hurt and betrayed at this moment of every moment.”

Brown asked incredibly at a press conference at the time. “Do you sleep during a riot? What do you do with regular shifts in the absence of a riot?”

Shortly after the video was released, Brown vowed to suspend the parties.

Katanzara said the looting at the strip mall, where Rush’s office was located, was over by the time police arrived this week, as he did after the video was released.

“They had already secured their entire fortune …” he told the newspaper. “They came head-on. Nothing was happening. It was done. Limits. Are they supposed to get attention in the mall?”

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Union: 17 Chicago cops resting in burgled office suspended Source link Union: 17 Chicago cops resting in burgled office suspended

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