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Union County voters gearing up for election day – Valley Stream, New York

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Union County, South Carolina (WSPA) – The main vote in Union County is just one week. In the referendum in November of this year, there are two questions. The first is about hiring a new parliamentary manager-style government. The other is a 1 cent consumption tax.

Rebecca Rochester is about to send a message to Union County.

“This will be a way to keep our money in our county and help our county grow,” said resident Rebecca Rochester.

The message is that there are elections right there that have a lot of weight.

“The top priority project is the expanding technical center that will replace the current technical center,” Rochester said.

The sign she put around the county on Wednesday is about Penny’s sales tax referendum. Besides building a new career and technology center in Union County as she says, it will provide enough funding to significantly improve the county’s parks along with other recreational facilities in the area. What’s more, there is room for major refurbishment within the county trade fair venue.

The county’s supervisor, Frank Hart, said the goal was to improve the county’s quality of life and attract more people.

“These are really important regional issues for the people of Union County,” Hart said.

But for some county residents, they told us that the goal was too high. If you pass, the county sales tax will increase by 1 cent.

Ballots also have the option of adopting a parliamentary government.

“If that happens, I will end my term as a supervisor until the end of next year and basically apply for the chairman of the county council for submission next year,” Hart said. “Of course, when the new council is seated, we hire someone to do our daily work.”

No matter how he voted, Union County Election Director said he was ready for the election day. Now they say absentee ballots are recovering after a late start.

County leaders urge the people who live there to hear their voice on November 2.

It is worth noting that penny sales tax is not levied on necessities such as groceries.

Union County voters gearing up for election day Source link Union County voters gearing up for election day

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