Union leaders reach tentative agreement with Frito-Lay, voting Friday – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-07-22 09:52:27 –

Topeka, Kang (KSNT) – After Blow for more than 2 weeks, Topika union members said Wednesday night that they had tentatively agreed with Frito-Lay.

Members must vote to ratify the negotiated transaction. Stagnant wages and forced overtime were hot button issues workers wanted to deal with.

“Near, we think we’re close. Bread, confectionery, tobacco workers, Grain Millers Union Vice President of the Mid West region, Brad Schmidt told KSNT News earlier. Has finally gained some traction on it. I think it’s quite possible that some of those issues will be resolved. “

As of Wednesday, workers have been on strike from the factory for 17 days. Frito-Lay first met with the union on Monday and agreed to sign a new contract between the company and the union.

Frito-Lay workers, members of the BCTGM Local 218 Union, first went on strike on July 5, after voting against the first agreement with the Topeka plant. Details of the new Wednesday evening deal have not been announced, but previously withdrawn deals would have limited the amount of forced overtime per week. It also showed an annual salary increase of 2% over two years.

More than 400 members voted for the first deal, with the overwhelming majority opposed.During the course of the subsequent strike, Frito-Lay posted a job to supplement the missing workers and locals. Grocery pointed out shortage of shipments Of their products.

“They haven’t brought in as much as they used to,” said Terry Freer, Seabrook Apple Market Store Manager. “They say it will only come in those core brands.”

Union leaders said they would vote for the New Deal on Friday.

“Our members are the ones who vote in the process,” said Jason Davis, international representative of BCTGM. “Everything we do is done for and on behalf of the members, so in the end it is up to the members what is sufficient for them.”

Union steward Mark McCarter said workers would continue to strike until election day.

Union leaders reach tentative agreement with Frito-Lay, voting Friday Source link Union leaders reach tentative agreement with Frito-Lay, voting Friday

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