Union members approve new deal, end Nabisco strike – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-09-19 17:09:29 –

KOIN, Oregon — Nabisco workers in five cities across the country have resolved to agree to a new collective bargaining agreement, ending the strike that began on August 10 with 200 employees.

Employees at Nabisco’s Northeast Portland Bakery have been picketing for over a month to raise concerns about offshoring of work, pension elimination, shift length changes, and management-sponsored overtime pay. I have stated.

Their actions have spread to other Nabisco facilities in Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, and Richmond, Virginia.

Members of all these locations voted for the New Deal approval, announced Sunday by the United Nations of Bakeries, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers.

“Impressive members of BCTGM have made significant sacrifices to achieve quality contracts that maintain the union’s high standards of wages, time and benefits for current and future Nabisco workers,” said BCTGM International. Chairman Anthony Shelton said. “Their sacrifices will benefit all BCTGM members and people working across the country over the years to come.”

The four-year contract, which dates back to March 1, provides employees with ratification bonuses, annual hourly wage increases, increased company matching to 401 (k) contributions, and workplace policy updates.

Glen Walter, President of Mondelez International North America, said: .. “We are pleased that these new contracts have achieved that goal and that our colleagues have chosen to ratify them.”

During the course of the strike, some local and state politicians joined the conflict and advocated on behalf of the workers.

Late August, Oregon Legislature Blacks, Indigenous Peoples, and Colored Races (BIPOC) Caucus Sent a letter to Mondelez International — Nabisco’s parent company — urges it to negotiate a fair contract for their workers.

And on September 4, Portland City Commissioners Jo Ann Hardesty and Carmen Rubio joined the picket line outside the Nabisco bakery facility in northeastern Portland on Saturday.

“I know you’re making a sacrifice, I know what it’s costing your family,” Hadesti told strike workers. “This is happening all over the country thanks to you.”

Union members approve new deal, end Nabisco strike Source link Union members approve new deal, end Nabisco strike

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