Union Pacific and its unions sue each other over vaccine

2021-10-19 21:40:03 –

Omaha, Nebraska-Union Pacific and its unions are appealing to each other to determine if the railroad has the authority to require employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The union argues that the Omaha, Nebraska-based railroad should have negotiated with all employees before announcing that they needed to fire. Railroad claims in its own proceedings that it has the power to request vaccines under existing contracts because it allows employees to set criteria for when they are fit for their jobs.

Union Pacific announced this month that it will require all employees to be vaccinated by December 8 in order to comply with an executive order requiring all federal contractors to vaccinate their employees. The railroad also offers a $ 300 bonus if members fire. Railroad nonunion employees are offered half a day off if vaccinated.

On the same day, a union in the Sheet Metal, Aviation, Railroad and Transport Workers-Transportation Sector (SMART-TD) filed a proceeding against Railroad, and Union Pacific filed a proceeding against SMART-TD and two other unions on Friday. rice field. Vaccination obligations to enforce the problem.

“This action is needed to prevent disruption to the country’s rail network and avoid impacts on the US supply chain that continue to recover from the pandemic,” Union Pacific spokeswoman Kristen South said in a statement. Stated.

Mandatory vaccines from governments and other businesses are creating resistance in various workplaces.

The railroad told employees that if they did not fire, they would be medically disqualified under their contract rather than being fired.

However, the union said Union Pacific was unfairly changing employment terms without negotiating as needed.

“We are also aware of the seriousness of the pandemic, which will prevent airlines from developing arbitrary policies and will have a significant impact on Union Pacific Railroad’s current working conditions,” SMART-TD officials said. Said in a letter to the railroad. board member.

Other unions that opposed mandates were the Way-Maintaining Brotherhood of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainers.

Technicians’ unions have pointed out to the railroad that many people across the country are reluctant to get vaccinated.

“Airlines must certainly be aware that there is a considerable gap in the country when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination,” a BLET union official wrote on the railroad. “Moreover, many of our members are, of course, opposed to being vaccinated for a variety of reasons, but many are already vaccinated.”

Union Pacific is one of the largest railroads in the country. It operates 32,400 miles (52,000 kilometers) of railroad tracks in 23 western states.

Union Pacific and its unions sue each other over vaccine Source link Union Pacific and its unions sue each other over vaccine

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