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UNIQLO’s Japanese company sales fell in May

FAST RETAILING Uniqlo The company recorded a year-on-year decrease of 0.6%, breaking the fairly strong record of increased same-store sales in Japan in May. That said, total sales managed to increase by 3.6%. Both The numbers include online sales.


According to the company, the slight drop in existing store sales is due to Japan’s state of emergency, which has allowed people to stay indoors. That was despite the fact that fewer stores were temporarily closed due to a pandemic compared to the year before the crisis of the new coronavirus culminated.

Japan is less affected by the pandemic than many European countries, but the infection has spread recently and the government wants to keep the situation out of control. Especially in Tokyo. Olympic Imminent.

However, the retailer also said sales struggled a bit, “due to inadequate sharing of news-worthy elements and information related to the product,” in addition to the uncontrollable situation.

However, while customer numbers were fairly strong, consumer consumers were declining per-transaction purchases.

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UNIQLO’s Japanese company sales fell in May

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