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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – The New Mexico Veterans Memorial is working with the city to bring a new therapeutic beekeeping program to Albuquerque. It may take some time for them to have urticaria on the monument, but some veterans are already enjoying the benefits of the urticaria program for heroes.

Hiding in the backyard of the South Valley, behind the sunflower jungle, there are hundreds of bees. Annette Colbert is a beekeeper with five hives in her yard. Colbert has been beekeeping for 10 years. She now shares her passion for bees with New Mexico veterans in a new program called Hives for Heroes that uses beekeeping as a cure for veterans.

“I’m a veteran of the war between Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Ambrose Montoya, a participant in the Hives for Heroes program. “I think this was very therapeutic,” said Montoya.

Colbert currently has three mentees, including Montoya, who come home several times a month to check bees and learn proper beekeeping techniques. “I’ve already learned a lot,” said Montoya. “Without a mentor like Annette, I wouldn’t have been in the beekeeping field today,” Montoya told KRQE.

Ultimately, Michael Burd, president of the Veterans Memorial Foundation, says he wants to create urticaria in the memorial hall for easier access so that more veterans can participate in the program. “This may be a difference from someone who might be thinking about killing you,” Bird said.

For now, Montoya and other veteran participants say they will continue to learn as much as they can from Colbert as well as her bees. “They can feel you nervous or calm,” Montoya said. “In the case of PTSD, it helps you really relax and just calm down,” he said.

There is no timeline for when to set up birdhouses in the park. Burd says he hopes to start funding the program by mid-next year.

Unique program uses beekeeping as therapy for veterans Source link Unique program uses beekeeping as therapy for veterans

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