United Airlines Demands New Employers to Certify COVID-19 Vaccination

Image Source: United Airlines

United Airlines Holdings Inc (NYSE: UAL) has begun requiring new hires to prove that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, the second largest US airline to implement such a policy. Will be.

Under the new obligation, external candidates who are offered a job offer after June 15, 2021 must upload their vaccine card to United’s system within 7 days of joining the company. CNBC Reported on Monday.

“It’s important to instill United’s strong commitment to safety in welcoming new employees to the company,” the Chicago-based airline said in a company memo.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said he wants to make a vaccine Mandatory For employees, it’s the “right thing” not only for his airline, but for other companies as well.

“I don’t think United will be the only company that needs and mandates vaccines,” he said in January. “We need others. To exercise leadership, others We need people, especially in the healthcare industry. ”

United does not currently require current employees to be vaccinated, but the airline is creating incentives for employees such as additional salaries and vacations, CNBC reported. ..

May, Delta Air Lines Is the first major US airline to require new hires to be vaccinated.

According to ABC News, Delta said: Do not impose company-wide requirements It works for current employees, but more than 60% of employees are already vaccinated.

However, American Airlines said it has no plans to develop a vaccine policy.

A spokeswoman for the company said CBS News, “We strongly encourage team members to be vaccinated and provide incentives for those who are vaccinated, but will require vaccines unless required to enter a particular destination. there is no.”

CNBC Airlines have cut most of their workforce last year during the pandemic, but many have announced that they will resume employment as travel demand recovers.


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