United Women of Tennessee Kick Off Christmas at the Bold Patriot Brewing Company – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-12-09 01:05:49 –

NS United Women in Tennessee (UWOT) held its first Christmas party this week at the Bold Patriot Brewing Company. The event was hosted by Gloria Giorno. Live music and special guest speakers participated in the event. UWOT also includes a young Republican from Williamson County, chaired by Stevie Giorno.

Gloria Giorno said Tennessee Star This Christmas party will be many first since the United Woman in Tennessee first started in January. “The planning for this event included wanting to support a conservative business. That’s the bold patriot.” She said that during the Christmas party, UWOT collected canned foods for a second harvest. She added that she donated to a food bank and her organization wants to give back to the community.

There was a guest speaker before the live performance. The first speakers were Eva Garcia and Erin Cook from Turning Point USA. They talked about their experience setting up a Turning Point USA branch in high school and college.

Gittle Sciolis also talked about her time at United Woman, Tennessee: Star.. “It was a great time and opened up so many opportunities and work opportunities.”

During the event Star We talked to Sami Lin, one of the singers who hosted the live music part of the party and one of the members of UWOT, and about getting the singer to play at a conservative event.

“Because I was under a conservative organization, I had a hard time finding a songwriter for the event I wanted to play. Despite being a charity, it’s the Second Harvest Food Bank.” She decided to play at the event. The two agreed, explaining that they had withdrawn at the last minute due to a political conflict.

But for years, Sami has played in different types of venues and other singers who have different views.

I was disappointed as a writer because I had many events and shows where I didn’t support the political views of other writers, but I made a commitment and understood how the music industry works, so I made it myself. Increasingly, the decision to keep my promise and attend all the shows I book.

Gloria Giorgio said Star About her plans for UWOT. “We have monthly conservative speaker interviews with members from all over the country, panel discussions with professional life activists and other conservative topics, employment briefings, internship opportunities, dinner events with speakers. With the Memorial Scholarship Fund, we will continue to respect the memory of Alicia Lundquist. “

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