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New York (AP) —Three US Presidents stand side by side at the National September 11 Memorial in New York on Saturday to share a moment of silence and unify the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in the United States. Shown.

President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, and President Bill Clinton gathered at the site of the collapse of the World Trade Center tower 20 years ago. As the procession marched through the monument in front of hundreds of people, each wore a blue ribbon and held his hand over his heart. Some carried photos of their loved ones lost in the attack.

At a ceremony at a monument near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, President George W. Bush, who was president at the time of the attack in 2001, said passengers had dropped a hijacked plane to the US Capitol. The former president said 9/11 showed that Americans could unite despite their differences.

Before the New York City event began, a jet flew overhead with an eerie echo of the attack, glancing from Biden into the sky. During most of the ritual, he stood with his arms crossed and his head bowed, listening while the victim’s name was being read. At one point he wiped tears from his eyes.

Biden was a US Senator when the hijacker commanded four planes and carried out the attack. He was Vice President of Obama in 2011 when the country observed the 10th anniversary of the strike. Saturday’s commemorative ceremony began in New York City and was his first commemoration as Commander-in-Chief at the Pentagon late in the afternoon. There, the most powerful army in the world hit its hometown unimaginably.

While Biden visited the Shanksville monument, he and his wife, Jill, were walking with relatives of the victims who crashed into the grass field where the jet crashed. He recalled the need for unity when he stopped by a volunteer fire department in Shanksville to deliver Bud Light and thanked first responders for responding to the plane crash on September 11.

“Everyone says,’Biden, why do you keep insisting on trying to unite the country?'” The president told reporters, “It affects our well-being above all else. Will be given. “

It is now Biden who bears the responsibility of his predecessor to prevent the next strike. He must do so against the fear of increased terrorism after the US’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, where those who planned the September 11 attack were protected.

But on the day his country remembered the shock and sadness, Biden left the speech to others.

Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at Shanksville at the Flight 93 National Memorial, praising the courage of passengers and the resilience of Americans in the days following the attack.

“In an era of total horror, we turned around each other,” she said. “If we do the hard work of working together as Americans, and if we continue to unite for the purpose, we will be ready for whatever comes next.”

President Bush spoke in front of Harris, saying that much of American politics has been “naked appeals to anger, fear, and resentment.”

“On the day of American trials and sorrows, I saw millions of people instinctively grabbed their neighbors’ hands and gathered for each other’s cause. That’s America I know.” He said.

Biden, Harris and his spouse have finished their day of remembrance at the 9/11 Memorial of the National Pentagon. The president and the first lady silently prayed in front of a wreath of white, purple and red flowers in front of a bench commemorating the 184 victims.

Former President Donald Trump skipped the official 9/11 ceremony and instead visited the fire and police stations in New York.

Mr Biden spoke at the Shanksville Fire Department, praising President Bush’s message of unity and telling Pennsylvania reporters that the former president “had a really good speech today.” very. “

Biden said he took a picture with the boys in Trump hats at the fire department. The president assembled the need for unity as an integral part of democracy’s success and asked, “Are you going to demonstrate that democracy works in the next four, five, six, or ten years?” rice field.

Unification was a theme that Biden emphasized in a recorded speech released by the White House late Friday. He talked about the “national unity” that emerged after the attack. This can be seen in “Heroism Everywhere-Expected and Unexpected Places”.

“For me, that’s the central lesson of September 11th,” he said. “Unity is our greatest strength.”

Biden was the fourth president to comfort the country on the anniversary of the Gloomy Day and shaped many of the most important domestic and international policy decisions made by the CEO in the last two decades.

Bush was reading a book to a Florida schoolchild when the plane crashed into the World Trade Center. He spent the day away from Washington for safety reasons — the decision of the time-Sen. Biden urged him to reconsider, the current president wrote — and then that night from the White House to a terrifying country with a short, stopping speech.

A terrorist attack will define Bush’s presidency. The following year, he vowed that “the enemy has begun and ended,” and chose Ellis Island as the place to deliver the Statue of Liberty, his first anniversary speech, over his shoulder.

The war between Iraq and Afghanistan was still deadly when Obama visited the Pentagon in 2009 to commemorate his first inauguration on September 11.

By the time Obama spoke on his 10th anniversary, the mastermind of the attack, Osama bin Laden, had been killed and killed in the May 2011 Navy SEAL raid. The country was entwined abroad and was wary of the threat of terrorism, but the anniversary was more healing.

Trump promised to get the United States out of Afghanistan, but his words at the first September 11, 2017 commemorative ceremony were a vivid warning to terrorists. , And can’t hide anywhere on this very large planet. “


Jaffe reported from Washington.

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