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Unity Park crews prepare for big grand opening – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – Unity Park in Greenville opened Thursday and is currently undergoing major preparations to get ready.

“I’ve done the finishing touches in the last few days. It’s really just getting the public ready to come here. So not only to make sure things are safe for the public, but all the sidewalks Please rework, pressure wash and clean everything, “said Ben Rosaram, site director for Harper General Contractors.

One family said they were happy with the opening of the park.

“We are really excited. We are here to support the grand opening on Thursday,” said resident Lindsey Grimes.

“It’s a very easy walk after school. You can ride your bike here,” Grimes said.

“Well, we also live in the community, so it’s really important and we all feel welcome and hope it’s a place where they can come and connect and build new friendships. “She said.

About 50 of the 60 acres will open this Thursday, according to Rotherham.

“So it’s this north side that will open on Thursday. That is, there are three bridges, all open to the public. We plan to open the Auro Bridge on Thursday,” Rotherham said.

“All four playgrounds will open, including the Splash Pad,” Rotherham said. “So everything on the north side of the river will be open. Everything on the south side outside the baseball field area will be open to the public.”

Pastor Stacey Mills of the Mountain View Baptist Church will host the event. He said he was excited about the future.

“After a century of planning and dreams, we face something that bears fruit. It will be the builder of the bridge for our community. All of our community. We establish a sense of belonging to all demographers from all age groups, “says Mills. “This really tells us a calm moment for our city to think and think about the future. What can we do?”

“I think Rev. Hollowway was one of those who suggested to the city government in the early 1900s that something was needed for recreation on this side of the town. It was open, where children could play safely. It’s for peaceful mediation, “said Rev. Mills.

“Today, the energy in this park is ready, but on Thursday, that energy will be tenfold,” Mills said.

Rev. Mills said the church has formed a West End Community Choir to attend the Grand Opening on Thursday. A city spokesperson confirmed that Mayor Knox White had asked a local church to attend the event.

“So you’ll find an ecumenical multi-ethnic, multi-ethnic choir singing about this beginning, and frankly I’m honored to be part of this process,” Mills said. Told. “And to be able to hold people accountable for the promises made for this community.”

Some people say that the name of the park alone makes sense.

“I think it really symbolizes the opportunity that America has given its citizens to fulfill its promises,” Mills said. “And, of course, black demographics have been devastated by the failure to fulfill their promises. This not only provides room for remorse, but also creates an opportunity to move forward. This side of the town is historic. is.”

“The Southernside community welcomes this new park and breathes new life into it, and we hope this is seen as an opportunity to come together,” Mills said. “For me, I think it really shows that I belong. Think about who belongs to it.”

“I personally live across the village. I think the whole community is really excited about it. It’s a park that anyone can play. It’s a park that’s open no matter what you do.” Rotherham said.

According to representatives, Mayor White and DJ Lama, president and CEO of the Auro Hotel, will take the first step across the Auro Bridge, Unity Park’s largest bridge over the Riedy River, at 10 am Wednesday. Take a step.

The park’s grand opening is set for Thursday at 10 am

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