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Fort Collins, Colorado — Andrew Zhang is a graduate student at Colorado State University. He majors in computer information systems. He is from China and has been studying in the United States for five years.

“My family advised me to study in the United States,” Zhang said.

He says he saw a decline in the number of other Chinese students at the university.

“For example, the 2019 CSU had about 200 to 300 new Chinese students, but probably only 20 to 30 this year.”

The decline is felt all over the United States. report According to the US Immigration and Customs Department, the number of new international students enrolled in schools in 2020 decreased by 72% compared to 2019. Stene Verholst He is the director of the International Registration Center at Colorado State University.

“Our Chinese registration began to decline during the Trump administration, which then followed, and now through a pandemic,” said Barhorst. “Especially at CSU, we have undergone a complete reorganization within the pandemic to actually launch this international registration center.”

He says universities across the country are doing what they can to attract more international students, such as hiring foreign agents to recruit students. If there are not enough international students David Di Maria Universities say they are having a hard time financially. Di Maria is a Senior International Officer and Vice President of International Education at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County.He says China sent so many students to the United States

“A decrease in Chinese students means a decrease in STEM majors and a decrease in business majors, which has a spillover effect not only on profits but also on innovations such as research capabilities and teaching assistants,” said Di Maria. ..

He says the pandemic and frayed relationship between the United States and China is preventing many students from coming here.

“In the last few years, media reports on mass shootings, alien exclusion, and immigration policy have raised concerns about security in the United States, and recent challenges, along with all travel restrictions and closed consulates. It was certainly a pandemic, “said Di Maria,” so getting a visa for many students was a challenge. “

Zhang can confirm that last summer was very difficult.

“People are less friendly than they used to be,” Zhang said.

He and his friends had to keep reporting hate crimes to the international office, he says. The most memorable thing for him is the offensive online posting.

“He posted a page called’Chink Restaurant’and they listed dishes with very rude names. I don’t want to say that,” Zhang said.

But he says he felt very safe on campus. Generally speaking, he says, Chinese have a positive opinion about US universities. Nevertheless, he believes that pandemics and tensions between the two countries can have lasting effects.

“Maybe more students will choose other institutions that go to countries like the UK, Singapore, Canada and Australia.”

Both Di Maria and Verhorst, especially after the pandemic was over Joint statement Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Dr. Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education of the United States, have updated the country’s commitment to international students. They say that international students are important for a healthy and diverse academic culture.

“Sure, I think our class suffers from a variety of perspectives that give international students a way to solve their problems,” says Berhorst.

“We know we can’t be world class without our involvement with the world, so we need international students,” Di Maria said.

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