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UNLV student dies after frat’s amateur ‘fight night’ event – Kansas City, Missouri

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Las Vegas, Nevada — A student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) died after a fraternity amateur “Fight Night” event. A loved one wants an answer..

The lawyer issued a statement on Friday on behalf of Nathan Valencia’s family, stating that they were grieving and sadly seeking privacy.

“We don’t leave a stone to determine how a 20-year-old kid ended up in a school-licensed amateur fight that sacrificed his life,” the statement partially reads. increase.

People close to Valencia say he was an active member of UNLV’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon Friendship Society.

“‘Kappa Sigma Fight Night’ is an annual event and is well known to both UNLV and the Kappa Sigma Fratanity across the country,” said the lawyer.

UNLV’s Kappa Sigma Yuaikai held a “Fight Night” at the Sahara Event Center on November 19th, held a press conference, and weighed in the UNLV Students’ Union Ballroom on November 18th, the day before.

“Emanuel Aleman vs. Nathan Valencia” is listed as the main event on the leaflet of the event.

Valencia’s girlfriend tells KTNV that she collapsed about five minutes after the battle was over. And he died on November 23rd.

“When I got in there, it felt really weird. In one battle, I found out that someone’s hat had fallen off and during Nathan’s battle he was trying to escape to take his breath away.” Valencia’s girlfriend, Lacy Foster, said.

A full family statement by a lawyer at Richard Harris LLP said:

“The Valencias are heartbroken by Nathan’s broken heart. Preliminary investigations have revealed that mistakes and safety precautions have been overlooked. UNLV and Kappa Sigma Fratanity hold such an event. A complete investigation will be completed to determine how to allow and promote. College students should not be placed in a situation where they will fight each other for battle. “Kappa Sigma Fight Night” Is an annual event and is well known to both UNLV and the National Kappa Sigma Fratanity.

We leave no stones to determine how a 20-year-old kid ended up in a school-licensed amateur battle at the expense of his life.

The family was saddened for privacy during this time. “

The UNLV President emailed the following message throughout the campus:

“Dear campus,

It is a heartfelt and deep sadness that I share that no one in the UNLV family is with us anymore.

Nathan Tyler Valencia died after a tragic incident a week ago. Nathan was a junior at UNLV and participated in the Kappa Sigma Fratanity “Fight Night”, an off-campus event aimed at raising funds. Immediately after the battle, Nathan collapsed and was taken to the hospital. When we mourn the loss of one of ourselves, we are shocked and grieved. Especially in this situation, it is always difficult to deal with the loss of life. UNLV is investing all available resources to identify incidents and determine how to make such off-campus events as secure as possible.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to our family, friends and patronage. I don’t think they can express their sadness or emptiness in words. They are in our minds during this very difficult time. The rebel community shares their losses.

Take care of your body,
Dr. Keith E. Whitfield

NS GoFundMe page Founded in search of donations to his family.

This story was originally published by KTNV staff.

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