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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-10-15 21:51:23 –

“In a place like New Mexico where there are a lot of local citizens, if someone needs to go to the doctor every day to get medicine, I can imagine that it’s really difficult,” says Friese. “In fact, it creates this barrier for those who actually get help, as it is probably impossible for many.”

Not to mention the number of people affected by this addiction. Paul Tucker, CEO Turning point recovery centerSaid that the number of telephone calls is increasing.

“If 70-75% of the phones are opioid-related, that’s really impressive,” says Tucker. “That is, on the dark side, perhaps only half of our clients are drug addicts.”

The resources are pretty thin. There are three drugs used, but he said he could use all the help they could get.

“The addiction is so powerful that it only robs them. If they want to be treated, it doesn’t work for some reason and it’s frustrating,” Tucker said.

Returning to the lab, Frietze and her team are narrowing down the best vaccines to treat opioid use disorders. It will be a tool for use with other treatment options.

“So if someone can’t come to get their medicine and they end up using the medicine, it will prevent them from having an experience of the euphoric effect of the medicine, therefore. They basically don’t get higher, which helps protect them from recurrence and re-use of the drug, “Friese said.

Friese said the job was promising.

“There is some preliminary data showing that we can get a really good immune response to the vaccine. Now it’s time to test if the vaccine can protect as we think it is,” Friesze said. Said.

This is a two-step grant. If they achieve certain milestones, they will be able to receive funding for an additional three years.

The second step involves developing a vaccine that can be used in humans and investigating how this affects mortality from overdose.

UNM researchers work to create vaccine against heroin and fentanyl Source link UNM researchers work to create vaccine against heroin and fentanyl

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