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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-09-09 00:32:31 –

“We are not against our faculty. We thank them for their letter to Provost. We agree that we need to fully encourage our vaccine obligations. We are 100% behind our vaccine obligations, “said Reelham. , UNM Gallup Branch Senior Public Relations Specialist.

UNM officials said the issue of the mission was in its execution.

The president replied to faculty and staff that some students on campus did not take university courses at all, some did not have an internet ID, and some did not pay tuition or fees themselves. I did.

Some faculty members said this was not the case.

Dr. Christine L. Elder, UNM United Academic Secretary, said:

Dr. Rob Hunter, CEO of Middle College High School, one of the two dual registration programs offered at UNM Gallup Campus, said charter schools are ready to adopt vaccine obligations.

“We immediately communicated it and informed all families that we live on the UNM campus and must comply with our obligations. Our MOU requires students to follow the student code of conduct. There is, “said the hunter.

KOB 4 has obtained a memorandum of understanding for both Middle College High School and Gallup McKinley County School District. Gallup McKinley County School District operates other charter programs on the UNM Gallup Campus.

Both of them said, “Students who are officially enrolled in UNM also comply with UNM’s Student Code of Conduct.”

According to the code, universities are required to discipline students who do not comply with the covid-vaccination obligations.

“Currently, the government is considering deregistration if students are not vaccinated or have been exempted from approval by September 30,” the elder said.

UNM officials said they would revisit their vaccination obligations later this month.

UNM vaccine requirement causes confusion for some students Source link UNM vaccine requirement causes confusion for some students

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