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Omaha, Nebraska 2022-05-20 23:35:55 –

Wiemers was nominated by a colleague for their dedication to student success.

Congratulations, Emily!

Emily Wiemers, Academic Advisor II of the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, was recently named “Advisor of the Month” by the Academic Advisoring Council (AAC) in May.

This award was presented to Emily at the Academic Advisory Council meeting in May.

Emily’s nominee said: She is IS & T’s only graduate advisor. She always keeps the door open and helps her students as much as possible. Her role played by Emily has always been very successful! ”

If you are selected as an AAC Advisor this month, Wiemers will receive a certificate and gift card.

Nominate an advisor for this month’s Advisor Award

If you know that one of your colleagues outperforms the extraordinary service to students, colleagues, and / or colleges, nominated for this month’s Advisor Award. Each month, one advisor is randomly selected from the nominations to win the award at the Academic Advisory Council. All candidates will be granted the job by AAC.

Candidates must be at least 0.5 FTE and their main role is academic advice. Once selected, advisors can recognize and nominate their work, but are not eligible to receive the award again for a calendar year. To appoint an academic advisor Recommendation form On the AAC website.

About Academic Advising Council (AAC)

Monthly forums provide advisors with the latest topics, from best practices for advice to technology and program updates. Formally launched in 2011, the group welcomes conference advisors as well as many other on-campus professionals who support UNO students.

The Academic Advisory Council is held on the third Thursday of every month at 1:30 pm.

The meeting is open to the public

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UNO Academic Advising Council Names Emily Wiemers Advisor of the Month | News Source link UNO Academic Advising Council Names Emily Wiemers Advisor of the Month | News

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