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Omaha may be known as the home of four Fortune 500 companies, but it is also home to hundreds of small businesses and start-ups.

For decades, UNO has been a leader in workforce development, nurturing future innovators in Omaha, Nebraska, and around the world.

From May 1st (Sun) to May 7th (Sat), SME Week will be held nationwide. Faculty of Business Administration, Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC), the following degree programs IT innovation,or Internship opportunities -UNO graduates have been doing great things in the small business world

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  • Taylor Korensky -IT Innovation, 2016 Class
  • Jade Jensen -Marketing and Management, 2017 class. 2018 MBA class
  • Spencer Robinson -IT Innovation, 2018 Class

Five years ago, UNO graduate Taylor Korensky founded Appsky, a creative agency specializing in app development and consulting for local small businesses, to enhance client engagement.

Korensky concludes the executive team with alumni Jade Jensen and Spencer Robinson. This is a true Maverick trio that was honored as the Small Business Person of the Year in Nebraska in 2022. Korensky was also selected as the 2021 NBDC Small Business Champion.

New entrepreneurs and existing small businesses come to Appsky with ideas for mobile and web-based apps. Appsky helps these companies realize their dreams. The same support we received from NBDC when the team first started.

With eight full-time employees and over $ 1 million in sales, Appsky is not only growing, it’s also helping Nebraska’s business grow.

“I am passionate about Nebraska’s workforce and economic development,” says Korensky. “To come here, stay here and build a good company, you need good people.”

  • Chloe Trang -Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, 2019 Class

While she was still a student, current graduate Chloe Trang opened a Vietnamese restaurant called The Bánh Mì Shop.

Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Trang moved to Nebraska in 2012 and opened a restaurant in Bellevue in 2017.

Trang’s restaurant, which specializes in Vietnamese sandwiches and bubble tea, is still alive and well, serving authentic cuisine from home.

“I love being able to bring my culture to this community,” Tran said. Told the UNO gateway In 2018, “We brought this referral to Bellevue, where we can hire people and local customers can introduce this new thing to family and friends.”

  • Rick Knudtson -Computer Science, 2010 Class

Working in technology means learning from mistakes or progressing through trial and error. Not all of Rick Knudtson’s first three startups were bad, but they weren’t as successful as the next ones.

“The company I started [as a student] In fact, I was trying to figure it out along the way, “he said. “My knowledge of computer science and the ability to actually write code and programs was a way to get started with what Flywheel would end up with.”

Knudtson, the focus of 2019 ”I’m ROI“Function co-founded Flywheel, a web hosting company specializing in hosting WordPress websites in 2012, and was the company’s chief product officer until it was sold to WordPress in 2021.

Originally from Omaha, Knudtson chose to study computer science at UNO because the university was impressed not only by its proximity to home, but also by the quality of PKI’s facilities, its rigorous technical curriculum, and access to faculty.

“I was considering working on computer science, but it’s very rare to do that in your backyard. I was pretty excited about this opportunity,” Knudtson said. rice field. “I remember the first day I stepped into PKI. I was looking for a potential internship. That day I actually started sitting and talking with the dean. I think it’s pretty cool and I think it stuck to me. “

Knudtson is already on the next startup adventure, launching a “workshop”, an internal communication platform that helps businesses create strategic, timely and effective emails for their employees.

  • Hanna (Olsson) Nodskoff -Marketing and Entrepreneurship, 2016 Class

Eight years have passed since Hannah Nodskov first proposed the idea for the Hannah Caroline Couture at the National University Entrepreneurs Organization Conference, and won the “Student Startup of the Year” at the 2014 conference.

Since then, marketing and entrepreneurial graduates have grown the same business into a successful online retail space specializing in custom-made wedding dresses and formal wear for women of all sizes.

In 2018, Nodskoff was able to showcase her design at Omaha Fashion Week. One of her designs was recently featured on the 2021 Emmy Red Carpet worn by Lelia Cohan Micho, co-executive producer of Bridgerton.

“I’m sure UNO has helped my career reach so far,” Nodskov said. “If I attended a fashion school in one of the fascinating cities like New York or LA, I don’t think it gave me what I needed for my business and career.”

Rachel Brownlee

  • Rachel Ostlander Brownlee -IT Innovation, 2015 Class

2014 was a good year for UNO students at the University Entrepreneurship Conference.

Hannah Nodskov not only won the “Student Startup of the Year” in the fashion business, but also UNO’s senior Rachel Ostrander (now Brownlee), a records management app that allows Nebraska farmers to track cattle. Won.

This idea was formed during a brainstorming session on her first IT Invotion course as a sophomore. The inspiration came from her experience growing up at Pine Creek Ranch in Rushville.

The company, called MooManager, was officially launched two years after Brownlee graduated from UNO and is still used on farms in the state, accounting for more than 60,000 cows, including Ashby’s ranch. I am. There are 1,200 cows.

Nowadays, Brownlee is paying attention to his former passion, art.

While working on MooManager, and after moving from Omaha to Ashby, Brownlee also rediscovered her love for art. She hosted her first formal art show in late 2020 and has had more than 12 appointments since then.

UNO Alumni Achieve Big Dreams, Impact Through Small Businesses | News Source link UNO Alumni Achieve Big Dreams, Impact Through Small Businesses | News

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