UNO lends hand to community with storm recovery – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-07-14 19:55:25 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — The University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), like many other universities in the Omaha region, is still working on the aftermath of the storm on Friday night.

Allwine Hall, along with several other buildings on campus, is repairing roof damage a few days later.

But that doesn’t stop the university from supporting the community.

“We recognized the need and had the ability, so we certainly volunteered to help,” said Adamwick, UNO Scott Campus Assistant Property Manager.

When power was restored on UNO’s Scott campus, OPPD contacted to see if it could accommodate an out-of-state contractor to assist in power restoration around Omaha.

Disaster declared by Douglas County Commission

“Our job here as part of housing here at UNO is to care for people and the community,” Wick said. “We really wanted to play our part because we occupy most of the UNO community here.”

They received a call on Saturday that about 80 people needed a room. The number increased to about 170 and the race continued.

“It took us a few hours to get the room ready as soon as possible. We had a great staff of resident assistants and professional staff, and they all worked together,” said Wick. “We were running around with pillows and blankets on the bed, so these guys had a place to put their heads.”

Not only that. UNO’s Maverick Food Pantry Program, along with St. Mary’s and UNMC students, has provided significant support to university students, faculty and staff.

“We filled about 20-40 bags each week, and today we filled 20 bags,” said Madeline St. Clair, Maverick Food Pantry Coordinator. “So there is definitely an increase.”

Being there for people in difficult times is all about food pantry.

“We’re here just to help, especially because this storm is happening,” said St. Clair. “Tell the user that it doesn’t have to be too small or too big. I understand that.”

If you are interested in donating or signing up Click here for Maverick Food Pantry.

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UNO lends hand to community with storm recovery Source link UNO lends hand to community with storm recovery

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