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A specialized lab at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) uses motion capture technology and data to help baseball pitchers improve pitch speed and spin rate, understand delivery flaws, and reduce the risk of injury. I am supporting. The best on the mound.

With dozens of reflective markers and motion-sensing cameras, UNO biomechanics researchers can capture the complex movements a pitcher passes through as part of a pitching motion. The technology used in the UNO Biomechanics Pitching Lab tracks from scratch how each part of the pitcher’s body contributes to the way pitch is delivered. This provides insight into how pitchers can improve delivery while reducing the risk of injury.

“We actually look at the athletes as a whole in search of a baseball pitcher, their risk and performance of injury, how they move, and how they can help them get better. I’m trying to understand, “said UNO and the co-director of the UNO Pitching Lab.

Dr. Tyler Hammer, a biomechanics researcher and former UNO baseball pitcher, assisted the analysis with the advice of Knarr. “This allows us to see what’s happening inside every pitcher’s movement and get concrete data on how they’re moving. We also have a history of injuries. If so, you can really understand and predict it. In the future. It’s very beneficial that the wave of technology is dominating baseball right now. “

High school and college athletes from across the Omaha community and from across the country frequently travel to UNO for pitching assessments.

Kyle Siebach, a pitcher at Northern Illinois University, is one such athlete who traveled to Omaha for evaluation through the UNO Pitching Lab. After hearing about the lab through other pitchers who benefited from the lab’s reputation, Seebach came to UNO hoping to learn more about his strengths and where he could improve his pitching.

“I was able to overcome the shortage of deliveries while maintaining my strengths. I earned 6 mph during the summer. It helped me understand the basics of pitching on the mound.” Seebach said. “My pitching coach has helped me and teaches me new things that I can better understand.”

The data from these assessments will also be used for additional research, such as how specialization in a particular role in athletics, such as a baseball pitcher, affects the overall performance of an athlete as he or she grows. Will be done.

UNO Pitching Lab was recently introduced KETVAnd has made a presence in the 2022 College World Series.

The UNO Pitching Lab in the Biomechanics Research Building is a collaborative effort between UNO’s Faculty of Biomechanics and UNO’s Faculty of Health and Exercise (Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences). For additional information on the ratings provided through the lab and how athletes schedule bookings, UNO Pitching Lab website..

UNO Pitching Lab Helps Pitchers on the Mound | News Source link UNO Pitching Lab Helps Pitchers on the Mound | News

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