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Is Goodrich Scholarship Program The University of Nebraska Omaha traced its origins in 1972, saying, “If financial barriers are removed, close personal contact with teachers, and an exciting educational and learning environment, you will have a low-income background. What can a student with have achieve? “

Almost 50 years later, the answer is found in each of the 1,900 graduates of the program who graduated from the program and have a positive impact on the state, including business leaders, educators, health professionals, and elected officials.

Today, UNO as a whole internalizes Goodrich’s philosophy that access to great learning opportunities can change lives, including: Service learning, Customized curriculum, internship More.

The program was developed by former Public Affairs and Community Services College Dean Hubert Rock and named after Nebraska Senator Glenn Goodrich, who introduced the law. “

Elizabeth Furska, a financial analyst in the Nebraska State Senate, was a member of the first Cohort of Goodrich scholars.

“Funding for this program was provided to equalize state support for UNOs who had not participated in the University of Nebraska system for many years,” said Hruska. “I remember Goodrich being described as an experiment. This program was built to provide financial assistance with a support community to support student success, rather than simply providing additional scholarships. it was done.”

As part of the program, Furuska and her associates received special support from dedicated faculty and experience, including a trip to Washington, DC. There, students toured the federal building and met with then-Nebraska MP John Y. McAllister. Special attention and experience did not slow her academic journey – it made her earlier than planned.

“I would have had to work for a few years before going to college, and I might not have been able to go full-time,” Hruska said. “I think the strength of this program is the diversity of faculty and staff. It provided a richer university experience.”

The “experiment”, which began nearly 50 years ago and is backed by national funding, has been a huge success, with a six-year graduation rate of nearly 80% in the 2015 cohort, well above the national 62%. .. 6 year graduation rate For the first time, a full-time undergraduate student.

One of the latest products in the Goodrich program is Imani Brown, who attended Omaha Kita High School, graduated from UNO in 2019, earned a bachelor’s degree in emergency management and disaster science, and was a minor in business.

A 23-year-old woman with a recent Master’s degree from Florida A & M University is in the business of customizing and restoring her own sneakers, leveraging her speaking, writing and critical thinking skills acquired in Goodrich’s general education courses. Launched ChixFixKix.

She was inspired to set up a business to help low-income earners who may not be able to afford to change their shoes. Her desire to help low-income students is tied to her experience in the Goodrich program.

“There was no judgment. Support was essential to my success. Even when I started my business, I first contacted my Goodrich family. They called me. Supporting and dreaming of me beyond the classroom, “Brown said.

“They challenge me and elevate me to achieve my dreams, such as getting a graduate degree, because I did this for the first time in my family. Goodrich encouraged and inspired me to leap forward. I am confident that I will realize my dream. “

Today’s “Goodrichers” represent rural and urban backgrounds, different majors and career orientations, and racial and ethnic diversity. Each student is a resident of Nebraska and began studying at UNO in less than 32 university units. Over 70% of students are first generation.

Vanessa Chavez Jurad, a primary education major from Millard, Nebraska, is one of UNO’s thousands of first-generation students.

For the same reason that many in the Omaha Metro area do, they chose to earn a college degree as Maverick, but through the Goodrich program, including affordability, family distance, and outstanding educational experience. I found her voice.

Practical mentorship from faculty and the relationships she has built with her peers will open the door to the first-generation student community and serve as Vice-President of Student Organizations for the 2020-2021 academic year. Motivated.

“As a first-generation college student, I was convinced that I would succeed by starting this journey with colleagues who had similar experiences,” she said. “Goodrich has given me the confidence to join the Campus and seek a leadership position like that of the Students’ Union.”

Her ultimate career goal is to serve as Secretary of Education in the United States, but she looks forward to staying and teaching in Omaha after graduation. She encourages others to use the Goodrich program as a starting point for their dreams.

“The great thing about Goodrich is that it’s more than just financial support,” said Chavez Jurad. “Being a Goodrich also means being welcomed by a community of faculty and students who are there for you and want to see you succeed. Goodrich faculty and others. Having the opportunity to take a course with Goodrich is an opportunity that everyone should not miss. “

For additional information about UNO’s Goodrich program, and how UNO continues to provide Nebraskas with access to opportunities, visit the following URL:

UNO Scholarship Program Equips Students for Success | News Source link UNO Scholarship Program Equips Students for Success | News

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