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Announced by Joanne Li, Ph.D., CFA, Prime Minister of the University of Nebraska Omaha David Brown As the university’s first prime minister’s office.

Brown, who was president and chief executive officer of the Great Omaha Chamber of Commerce from 2003 until his retirement earlier this year, was appointed as a special appointment by Prime Minister Lee to provide the expertise and strategy of the university’s workforce development initiative. increase.

“Omaha is the economic driving force of our state, and as a university in Omaha, we must constantly develop and strengthen our partnership with the city’s business community,” said Prime Minister Lee. “David’s expertise and knowledge are invaluable in building an infrastructure that meets the current and future needs of our city and state.”

Brown, who officially joined UNO in his new position on June 1, is not a stranger to the campus. He was a partner in helping develop UNO’s community engagement efforts during his tenure at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. He also served as a keynote speaker at the Real Estate Center of the Faculty of Business Administration in 2016 and awarded UNO the Business Excellence Award in 2017 to help UNO launch the Career Connect Program earlier this year.

“For years, I’ve seen UNO grow and evolve into a force for good in our community, especially as a source of extraordinary talent for employers across the state.” Brown said. “It is an honor and privilege to be part of this university community and advance our mission to make Omaha the perfect place to learn, work, teach, live and grow in our area.”

As President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Brown helped oversee the growth of 88% of GDP in metropolitan areas since 2003. He expanded the scope of the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership. Launched “GO!” And a “prosperous Omaha” economic development strategy that includes a campaign involving young professionals. Creating the Greater Omaha 2040 Roadmap.

As an executive-in-residence, Brown primarily promotes future business collaboration opportunities, identifies opportunities for UNO employees to join the community board, provides information on campus strategic priorities, and supports the public and private sectors. Focus on tasks such as advice on efforts to expand partnerships. UNO’s mission.

Brown began his career as President of the Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation in Michigan in 1983, then Vice President for four years, President of the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce for six years, and Green for the next ten years. He was the CEO of Bill (South Carolina). ) chamber of commerce.

In addition to his long career in economic development, Brown has participated in a number of community committees, including Axor Benfuchart Last, Opera Omaha, United Way of the Midland, and the US Strategic Command Advisory Board. He received the Distinguished Nebraskalander Award in 2020.

UNO Welcomes David Brown as Executive in Residence | News Source link UNO Welcomes David Brown as Executive in Residence | News

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