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in the meantime Two former Mavericks will participate in the 2020 Tokyo OlympicsThere is nothing comparable to the successful life experienced by the three members of the 1966 class.

With decades of experience, Rudy Haluza, Lauren Drum and Mike Moran are unique in Maverick’s history as the only trio within the same graduate class that influenced the Olympics.

The tale of Rudy Haluza In fact, it begins in 1956, long before he became a UNO student. Haluza tried to form an Olympic racewalking team in 1956, but finished in 12th place, freeing him from the fight. Four years later, he hosted the 1960 Rome Olympics, but he became seriously ill at the last minute and was unable to participate in the competition.

Halza came to UNO at the age of 31 after joining many other non-traditional students at UNO and spending time as a captain of the US Air Force between the Olympics. Haluza was finally able to enter the Olympic stage in Mexico City only two years after graduating at the age of 37. As the oldest member of the 1968 US Olympic team, Haluza finished fourth in the medal battle.

Lauren drumThe ’66 class president never became an Olympic athlete, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t try. After graduating, Drum joined the Air Force and was trained in pentathlon, a combination of running, horseback riding, fencing shooting, and swimming. He failed to host both the 1968 and 1972 Olympics, but he was appointed to represent the latter and traveled to Munich for the game.

But the drum story wasn’t there. In 1973 he joined the American Olympic Committee as secretary of the American Modern Pentathlon and Biathlon Association. He was also elected to the board of directors of the US Olympic Committee. He was part of a team that helped select Lake Placid as the US site for the 1980 Olympics and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. According to his high school website, Drum lives in Canyon Lake, Texas, with his 30-year-old wife.

Lauren drum

The last member of the 1966 class with ties to the Olympics, Mike MoranAs a member of the US Olympic Committee, he worked with Drum at the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games. However, unlike drums, Moran continued to work in the organization for another 20 years.

As the most extensive Olympic-related maverick, Moran has been a US communications expert during the Olympic and site selection for over 25 years and retired from the US Olympic Commission’s Chief Communications Officer in 2003.

Prior to working for the US Olympic Committee, Moran was a gateway writer and a full-time intern at KMTV when he was a student. After graduating, he worked for UNO’s Sports Information Director for a year before taking up the same job at the University of Colorado in 1968. Ten years later, he joined the US Olympic Committee.

While on the committee, Moran experienced everything from the famous “Miracle on Ice” game at Lake Placid to the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan scandal. Moran received the General Douglas MacArthur Award from the US Olympic Committee in 2002. Moran currently lives in Colorado Springs and is a consultant to Colorado Springs Sports Corporation.

Mike Moran

Therefore, while the school’s more than 105 years of history has many Maverick Olympic moments, perhaps no group of graduates is as influential as the 1966 UNO class.

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UNO’s Olympic Ties: The Class of 1966 | News Source link UNO’s Olympic Ties: The Class of 1966 | News

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