Unpredictable year for giving when charitable need is greater than ever – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2020-11-19 22:37:14 –

Things were unpredictable and unprecedented for charities that, like everything else this year, had to change the way they structured their holiday funding. Needs are higher than ever, and organizations need to be creative.

But Salvation Army Bell This year will be different.

“There are few retail stores, people aren’t carrying as much cash as they used to, and many are now unemployed,” said Kenneth Hodder, National Commander of the Salvation Army.

The organization has been servicing people in need since 1865. Today, it has grown to centers in 131 countries and 7,600, with branches in almost every zip code. According to the commissioner, this year’s need is like a tsunami.

“Usually, the Salvation Army provides about 52 million meals. So far this year, it’s well over 110 million meals. The numbers have skyrocketed astronomically,” Hodder said.

The organization provided 900,000 mental and psychological support, as well as an additional 1.5 million nights of shelter.

“We expect the number of people coming to the Salvation Army to support Christmas to increase by 155% as the eviction moratorium begins to expire and companies’ ability to support people with furloughs and time savings diminishes. “Mr. Hodder said.

And with the coronavirus pandemic, the Salvation Army decided to be creative. When you release “Kettle Pay”, you can pay with a kettle without touching anything.

“They could hit their phone against the sign and make it electronic, the opportunity to give would appear on their phone,” Hodder said.

This year, the Commissioner says it has further improved the technology so that digital gifts in specific locations benefit people in the same area.

Make-A-Wish America has also launched a holiday digital campaign.

“We are very pleased to introduce a new holiday fundraising campaign called’Families for Wishes’,” says Christie Madsen, Senior Manager of the Make-A-Wish America National Fundraising Campaign. She says it was an unpredictable year. Wishing family Easy to set up and donate.

“In its purest form, the Families for Wish is to help the family help the family and help the family regain joy in their wished family life,” Madsen said.

The funds raised will also benefit local families helping seriously ill children.

“I know that holidays will change a lot this year. People are looking for ways to stay connected even if they can’t be together this year and are looking for new traditions. I think Family for Wishes will be part of that. Along the family timeline, and when it makes sense for them, “Madsen said.

She says the new tradition is as easy as visiting a website, creating a page, adding a family photo, and launching a campaign.

“People will be surprised to find out how easy it is to collect donations at this time of the year. People are looking for new ways to replace traditional gifts, and this is the solution. It may be part, “Madsen said.

It looks like a few clicks on the website or a few coins in a red kettle, but the wishes and hopes last forever, and charities want you to help with this holiday season.

Unpredictable year for giving when charitable need is greater than ever Source link Unpredictable year for giving when charitable need is greater than ever

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