‘Unruly gathering’ in Eugene ends with 64 in legal trouble – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2022-05-15 21:22:50 –

KOIN, Oregon — Over the third weekend of the last few weeks, another large runaway party has taken Eugene police to a house party, ending with 64 people being quoted or arrested.

Police said the party on Hillyard Street in 1915 was considered an “uncontrollable gathering” at 3:30 pm on Saturday. About 100 people were there when the police arrived, and officials said they had “received various levels of cooperation” from the parties and residents.

According to officials, three glass bottles were thrown from the yard into the backyard of another house.

Overnight, near the 18th, people in a high-rise condominium and Patterson threw an egg-containing object into Eugene’s police car in a police car.

Most of the quotes were in their twenties. Several 19-year-olds were included. One was 46 years old and two were in their 50s, according to people familiar with the matter.

Police arrested a 21-year-old boy for banned noise and an unruly rally.

The other 13 were quoted for noise violations and 50 were quoted in open containers. Another 25 were quoted for minors possessing alcohol and urinating in public, and four were quoted for being an unruly gathering.

More citations are expected, police said.

‘Unruly gathering’ in Eugene ends with 64 in legal trouble Source link ‘Unruly gathering’ in Eugene ends with 64 in legal trouble

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