Unusual Pentagon mission: Armed forces in the capital

Foreign interference, which can be hidden as domestic insecurity, is also a concern. Homeland Security officials worried that if protesters couldn’t get close to the first event, they would look to cyber-interference to blacken Mr Biden’s first words to the country and the world. doing. At the moment Biden seeks to restore order, there are similar concerns about infrastructure attacks that convey a sense of turmoil, perhaps far from the first.

The decision to arm some of the National Guard deployed in Washington by the Secretary of the Army on Tuesday night came after a meeting with California Democratic Party Chairman Nancy Pelosi. According to Congressional staff, Pelosi is more muscular to the inauguration than last week when Pentagon officials waited for Trump supporters to overtake the Capitol before deploying additional troops. He demanded a positive attitude. And yet, those troops that appeared did not have deadly weapons.

This is in contrast to the response of the Spring National Guard during the Black Lives Matter protests. Many states have recruited National Guard, and in Washington, two military helicopters have used their power to terrorize protesters in Chinatown, creating a wind that resembles a tropical cyclone.

The majority of Washington’s military are National Guard. However, a few elite commands from the Joint Special Operations Command, a secret command based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, have all inauguration to combat terrorist attacks and other national emergencies, especially those involved. I have it as well as. Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, or biological weapons.

Pentagon officials have expressed deep concern about the protests planned for the inauguration. According to officials, 16 groups, some of whom say they are armed, most of whom are made up of Mr. Trump’s strong supporters, have registered to stage the opposition in Washington.

A Pentagon official said law enforcement was the worst-case scenario in which people with guns attempted to attack senior officials, “suicide aircraft” attempting to dive into the restricted airspace of the Capitol, and even remote. A drone that can be used to attack a crowd who said they are planning various outcomes, including operations.

A second Pentagon official expressed concern about the repeated pipe bombs dropped on Washington last week. Officials also said law enforcement was worried that some protesters would appear in lawmakers’ homes or threaten to target their families.

Zoran Kanno-Youth Contribution report.

Unusual Pentagon mission: Armed forces in the capital

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