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(NEXSTAR) – So how long does innate immunity last after catching COVID-19? It may not be as long as you think.

NS study On average, unvaccinated people should be expected to re-infect COVID-19 every 16 to 17 months, according to researchers at Yale University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. ..

COVID-19 did not exist long enough to carry out long-term studies, so researchers led by Jeffrey Townsend, a professor of biostatistics at Yale University, are close to recreating the response of the immune system. I investigated reinfection with a virus. Yale Daily News..

“The overall goal of this study was to provide an answer to the question that it is impossible to answer empirically at this point in the pandemic. How long has it been since infection with SARS-CoV-2? Is there any immunity to the virus before it becomes vulnerable to reinfection? ”Co-author Haley Hassler, a study related to the School of Public Health, told the paper. rice field.

The findings contradict the notion that recovery from COVID-19 guarantees a lifetime of protection from the virus.

This study examined post-infection data from six coronaviruses close to COVID-19. This dates back to 1984. The post-infection period ranges from 128 days to 28 years under endemic conditions, and the disease is constantly being discovered. In the population.

Using that data, researchers were able to estimate the reinfection period for unvaccinated people – on average approximately 16 months. They found that it took less than half the time it took humans to re-infect other infected coronaviruses.

“Reinfection can reasonably occur within three months,” Townsend explains. University news release.. “Therefore, naturally infected people need to be vaccinated. Previous infections alone provide little long-term protection against subsequent infections.”

The study emphasizes that the reinfection window in this study is average, so some people can reinfect in a few months, while others can take years.

“Our results are based on the average time of weakened immunity in multiple infected individuals,” Hustler told Yale Daily News. “One of these individuals can have a longer or shorter duration of immunity, depending on their immune status, cross-immunity, age, and several other factors.”

Reinfection is “more likely to be common,” according to the authors of the study, so the findings shed light on valuable data for public health decision makers.

Researchers say the global acceleration of preventative health measures and vaccine efforts is “important” to minimize deaths from COVID-19.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 57.2% of the US population is fully vaccinated and 66.2% of residents are vaccinated at least once.

Unvaccinated people will likely catch COVID every 16 months on average, study finds Source link Unvaccinated people will likely catch COVID every 16 months on average, study finds

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