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UofSC officials release return to campus plan for fall semester – Valley Stream, New York

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Columbia, South Carolina (WSPA) — Employees at the University of South Carolina (UofSC) shared a “return to campus” plan due to the spread of delta variants throughout the country and state.

Classes begin on August 19th at UofSC. School officials said they expect a surge in active COVID-19 cases in the first week or two after students return to campus. They said they were ready for this increase in new cases.

Authorities said they were following the guidelines of the CDC and DHEC.

UofSC Interim Chief Health Officer Dr. Jason Stacy and Interim Provost Dr. Stephen Cutler detailed what the school is doing in preparation for a briefing with a reporter on Friday morning.

Vaccines are highly recommended, but not required

One of the major differences between this fall and 2020 is the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine. Authorities said vaccines approved for emergency use by the FDA are safe and effective. They recommend vaccination of students and staff, if possible. Dr. Stacy and Dr. Cutler said UofSC vaccinated students and parents on campus during their summer visit. The school has a lot of vaccines and has launched the #GarnetandVaxxed campaign. Authorities said they would encourage students to be vaccinated. Details of these incentives were not available when talking to Stacy and Cutler.

Proof of vaccination or negative test required before returning to campus

Students returning to campus will need to upload either an image of the vaccination card, proof of failure within 10 days of returning to Japan, or a pre-positive within 90 days of moving in. there is. Students, faculty and staff living off-campus must have this information available by August 18. So far, Dr. Stacy said that 12,500 students attending UofSC this fall have reported being fully vaccinated. Authorities said they expected more students to continue to report on vaccination status until the beginning of the semester. An average of 1,000 students upload vaccination cards each week.

Saliva-based tests continue to be available

Prior to becoming Interim Provost, Dr. Cutler was Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at UofSC. He oversaw the implementation of a saliva-based test for COVID-19. UofSC was one of the first schools in the country to put it into operation. Cutler said it was successful. He said it remains an option for students and faculty this fall. In the spring, UofSC reported about 1 percent positive and evaluated the tests and contact tracing strategies performed for it.

No face cover requirements

Stacy and Cutler said there are no mask requirements for university facilities and shuttles and buses, with the exception of the Health and Welfare Center and the Thomson Student Health Center. The June legislative budget included a proviso that lawmakers would remove funds from public universities that needed a face cover. Officials said face covers are encouraged indoors when social distance is not possible and strongly recommends that unvaccinated students and faculty members wear face covers.

Dr. Stacy and Dr. Cutler said they would continue to educate students and faculty on Delta variants. They said the variant has already been detected within the campus community.

UofSC officials release return to campus plan for fall semester Source link UofSC officials release return to campus plan for fall semester

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