‘Up From The Ashes’: Life after wildfire in Otis – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-04-22 09:18:14 –

Exhibited at Lincoln City Cultural Center until May 9th

Lincoln City, Oregon (KOIN) — Melinda Small knocked on the door after midnight on Tuesday after Labor Day. fire. They had to leave.

“When we left, we could see the trees explode on fire,” she said.

Otis Fire struck 297 families’ homes last September, including the homes of Melynda and Tye Small.

However, Smalls and other fire victims agreed to display their photos. “Up From The Ashes” Exhibition at Lincoln City Cultural Center.. It is an effort to officially record the brutal part of Lincoln County’s history.

“Photographs, artwork, and illustrations of items drawn from the fire are a way to explain what they experienced,” said exhibition curator Christa Eddie. “Artwork tends to be a great healing mechanism, so the combination of story and artwork is a great way to show what happened.”

In the face of such a broken heart, Melinda and Thai Small did something remarkable. Instead of staying in Otis, they began helping people clean up and carry away fire debris and restore electricity and water — helping people regain their lives.

Small foundation

They are Started the foundation To fund work for many uninsured or uninsured people. They did a lot of work to help others, but they were more satisfied than they had imagined.

“This is a great community,” Melinda said. “I always say that. Without a fire, we wouldn’t know what a great community we really have.”

‘Up From The Ashes’: Life after wildfire in Otis Source link ‘Up From The Ashes’: Life after wildfire in Otis

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