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To reduce costs, buy fewer books and cancel journals and databases with low overall usage or high cost per use. UNO Library librarians and staff make decisions on reductions and cancellations based on a variety of factors. These include usage cost analysis (CPU), pricing models, licensing conditions, inflation rates, faculty, students, and staff inputs, overlapping coverage from other sources, certification requirements, and availability of content by other means. It is included. If you cannot purchase a book or magazine subscription, we will continue to strive to meet your education, research, and service needs. Interlibrary loan And document delivery service.

Fortunately, in the last few years, we have access to major research publishers such as Elsevier. University of Nebraska Library Consortium (UNCL).. At this time, these major journal and ebook packages are provided under a joint funding and license agreement with UNCL. Within the coming weeks and months, we may receive messages from departmental library subject specialists or liaisons about changes in the availability of our monograph collections, journal packages, and databases. We also keep the campus community up to date with collection changes through this web page. We take these reductions seriously and aim to protect the core resources of our students, faculty and staff as much as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.Please feel free to contact us Dave Richards, Dean of Library Services, or yours Subject Specialist If you have any questions.

Resources currently suspended or canceled in 2021-22:

  1. UNO Library Open Access (OA) Fund
  2. The purchase of printed monographs (printed books) is at the request of faculty members.
  3. Printed periodicals have been reduced. (Contact your specialist for a complete list.)
  4. KANOPY movie titles will only be obtained if the movie / video is listed on the course syllabus at the request of the faculty member.
  5. Individual journal titles canceled:
    1. Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics Academic Membership Option D
    2. Dalton transaction
    3. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan
    4. fractal
    5. International Journal of Branching and Chaos
    6. International directory of company history

Please refer to this page for additional information as we continue to evaluate resources and services until the spring semester of 2022. A list of resources under consideration for 2022-23 will be posted within a few weeks.

Upcoming Changes to Library Collections, Services and Resources | UNO Libraries Source link Upcoming Changes to Library Collections, Services and Resources | UNO Libraries

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