Update: Hungarian opposition chooses outsiders to challenge Orban polls

Venezuela suspends negotiations with opponents after major Maduro allies are handed over

The Venezuelan government suspended internationally sponsored negotiations with opposition after the United States expelled President Nicolas Maduro’s close allies to face money laundering charges, and six American prisoners Canceled the arrest of his house.

Venezuela’s chief negotiator Jorge Rodriguez said in a television statement that his side would not attend the next round of talks as it will take place in Mexico City on Sunday. This followed news that Venezuelan envoy Alex Saab was sent to the United States on Saturday from Cape Verde, West Africa, where he was arrested last year.

The withdrawal of the delegation is the latest blow to Mexico negotiations aimed at finding a solution to the political crisis involving Venezuela since Maduro was accused of sticking to power in the 2018 fraudulent elections. is.

As part of widespread retaliation for Saab’s delivery, Venezuela has also been detained in Venezuela since 2017 and has been sentenced to long-term imprisonment for what the U.S. government considers to be a truncated crime. Canceled the arrest of a senior executive’s house.

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Hungarian opposition chooses outsiders to challenge polls on Olburn

Hungarian conservative politician Peter Marquizai surprises Prime Minister Victor Oban in the elections set in April 2022 after winning the country’s first national primary against central left candidate Clara Doblev. Appeared on Sunday as a challenger.

Marki-Zay is a 7-year-old conservative father and mayor of the small southern town of Hodmezovasarhely. He won as a candidate for unification opposition to the political system of Orban’s ruling Fidesz party.

Before the two-round primary Marki-Zay, who is not a member of any of the competing parties in the selection process, is widely regarded as a long shot behind Dobreff, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony, and centre-right leader Peter Jakab. -The Jobbik party on the right. But after the first poll was delayed and surged, he dominated the final vote to confront Olburn.

Far more than 600,000 Hungarians participated in each round of the primary. This is the level of involvement in the 10-meter country that Marki-Zay said gave him a very high level of legitimacy.

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Bank of England chief warns that “we must act” to curb inflation

The Bank of England Governor warned on Sunday that he “must act” to curb inflationary pressures and did not attempt to contradict the movements in financial markets that priced the first rate hike by the end of the year.

Andrew Bailey told the central banker G30 group from home that inflation in the UK has already risen and will rise further in a way that justifies action to curb inflation over the medium term.

He surged rhetoric ahead of the budget and the next forecast of the BoE on November 4, showing that his concerns about inflation during the current energy crisis have increased.

The governor stuck to his long-standing view that the rise in inflation, which jumped to 3.2% in August, was ultimately “temporary,” but said a significant price increase would continue until next year.

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What to see in Asia today

China’s GDP data Today’s announcement of economic growth estimates for the third quarter marks a decisive turning point for the world’s second-largest economy.This is 5 things Monitor.

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics torch lighting ceremony Two activists opposed to the 2022 game of human rights records in China were arrested in Athens on Sunday prior to today’s Torchlight ceremony.

Other statistics China also publishes figures for industrial production, retail sales and unemployment. Meanwhile, Singapore publishes monthly trade balance data.

Update: Hungarian opposition chooses outsiders to challenge Orban polls

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