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In the spring of 2020, President Ted Carter of the University of Nebraska established a working group to address gender inclusion in the university system. Some members of UNO have been identified as campus experts and are leading this effort. He received strong recommendations for dealing with everyday culture and infrastructure. In the fall of 2020, President Carter signed Execution Memorandum No. 40 It supports gender inclusion for all campus members.

Since that time, the campus has been enthusiastically working to build a system infrastructure that makes it easy for faculty, staff, and students to recognize and change the names, pronouns, and gender identities of their choice.

As of Monday, August 23, 2021, all members of the UNO campus community will be able to update their chosen names, pronouns, and gender identity throughout the university system.Students can make using these changes MavLINK Faculty and staff fire Fly.. NS You can watch the video here Walk through the process.

Jay Irwin, Ph.D. Said: Names and pronouns are an important part of our identity, and making it easy for students, staff, and faculty to show them is a big step forward. ”

UNO Gender and Sexuality Resource Center Comprehensive campus policies and procedures This page contains information about how this policy is implemented, where changes are reflected, and more. Below are other resources related to gender identity and NU policies that can be modified using these systems.

At the UNO campus, especially Dan Shipp, Ed.D., Vice Presidents for Student Success. And Jessi Hitchins, Ph.D., Senior Director of Student Life. Thank you for bringing this initiative to the system level for policy development. , And the Non-Binary Gender Value Steering Committee appreciates our tireless efforts to make our universities and all universities within the University of Nebraska system more equitable and accessible. The members of UNO who served as committee members are as follows.

  • Trent Frederiksen, (He / he), Behavior and Resident Life Assistant Dean

  • Dr. Jay Irwin, (He / they), Associate Professor of Sociology

  • Matt Sill, (He / he), Director of the University Registration Bureau

  • Jens Kidmore, (They / She), Faculty of Engineering Student Development Director

If you need assistance with gender inclusion on campus related to this policy or beyond, please contact Audre Bedford Hansen, Queer and Transcoordinator at the UNO Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

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Update on Chosen Name and Gender Identity Policy | News Source link Update on Chosen Name and Gender Identity Policy | News

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