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A second bridge needs to be built between Flower Bluff and Padre Island.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Since 2016, Corpus Christi City staff have been working on updating nine regional development plans. One of those guides for future development was approved by the council on Tuesday.

Keren Costanzo is the Economic Development Manager of the City of Corpus Christi. She said there was a 115-page area development plan for Mustang and Padre Island. The city used ideas and ideas from residents, business owners, developers and city officials.

Some of what city officials saw were the latest demographics of the island.

“We are certainly looking at vital trends and current conditions and forecast data,” Costanzo said. “For example, we can see that the island’s development area plan has recently identified growth rates that are higher than the growth rate of the entire city. Therefore, there is a tendency for people to move to the island.”

The Park Road 22 Bridge Project is an example of why regional development planning is so important.

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“What can we bring to the community once Park Road 22 is complete? What suggestions do you have regarding the possibilities of golf cart passes and walking possibilities that connect the eastern and western parts of the island?” Said the Strategic Action Committee.

The committee advised the city council on island issues and assisted in the development of regional development plans. Gardner said finding a way to solve the island’s mobility problem was one of the greatest achievements of this study.

“What I didn’t see last time was that I was involved in a development program in the area. Obviously, the influx of all these ATVs, UTVs, golf carts and razors is very fast,” Gardner said. I have.

“So I didn’t plan for that in my last development plan. It’s a kind of multi-modal bike, etc. I had to update from last time to actually see the mobility.”

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During the city council’s discussion on the regional development plan, it became clear that a second bridge needed to be built between Flower Bluff and the island. That would make JFK Causeway not the only way to get on and off the island.

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