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Upstate family shares battle with MIS-C, daughter recovering after week in the hospital – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville County, South Carolina (WSPA) – A 10-year-old upstate is recovering from a rare condition associated with COVID. Lyla Stovall’s parents told 7News, it all started with neck pain and ended with MIS-C. With the ever-increasing number of COVID cases in children, her parents want others to be vigilant.

Lyla Stovall kicked the soccer ball, did what he liked and came back.

“I had a day to imagine her recovering, it was just hard,” said Kelly Stoval, mother of Lira Stoval.

But not so long ago, Laila wasn’t running on any football field. She was fighting MIS-C. This is an inflammatory syndrome that doctors say can occur in children after a COVID diagnosis.

“Be aware of post-COVID affairs that are more dangerous than COVID itself in some cases, such as MIS-C,” Lyla’s father, Justin Stovall, told us.

Everything started four weeks after her family was infected with mild COVID. Her parents, Justin and Kelly Stoval, told us, she quickly recovered from it, but then began to feel sick.

“She woke up, but one day she didn’t have much energy. I didn’t think much about it until she complained about neck pain and said her neck was really stiff,” Kelly Stoval said. Explained.

Within a few days, her fever soared and there were obvious signs.

“She started to have a rash on her arm and then a strawberry tongue, which is a clear indicator of MIS-C,” said Justin Stoval.

She was admitted to the hospital where her parents told us, she got worse much before she got better.

“She had low oxygen, low blood pressure, and the highest fever was 105. She had inflammation everywhere, her eyes closed, and her face swollen,” Stovall said.

Doctors in the northern part of the state said there were fewer stories like Laila in South Carolina as COVID raged.

Especially for people under the age of 10 who are not currently eligible for vaccination. Dr. Anna-Kathryn Burch of Prisma Health said he was counting the days when that time would come.

“I’ve seen children in this age group infected with COVID, and I hope it helps MIS-C,” said Dr. Anna-Kathryn Burch of Prisma Health.

As for Lira, her parents told us, she has come a long way. I am also very grateful to everyone who helped me during this trip, including the hospital staff.

“I feel really good and I’m back in football,” Lyla Stovall told 7News.

Her parents told us that she would be vaccinated against COVID when she qualifies, but until then, they will ease it.

“We need to watch carefully for the next six months because of how her body passed and how her immune system responded to COVID,” says Justin Stoval. I did.

Upstate family shares battle with MIS-C, daughter recovering after week in the hospital Source link Upstate family shares battle with MIS-C, daughter recovering after week in the hospital

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